If you’re one of those people who are yearning for their own garden, this is the place where you learn it all. This post lays down simple and easy-to-do steps on how to start an indoor garden from scratch. 

This quick-read discusses all the basics on growing an indoor garden without the fear of losing your money.

Steps to Grow Indoor

Before diving in, check to see if indoor gardening is allowed where you reside. This is because in many US states, growing marijuana is against the law. If it is allowed where you live, then proceed to read the guide below.

You can start an indoor garden for any type of plant, of course. Lately, cannabis gardens have been skyrocketing in popularity due to legislative changes in the USA and Canada. Various states have legalized the growing of marijuana products.

Are you starting an indoor garden for tomatoes, cucumbers, or any other type of vegetable or fruit? This guide is also applicable for you. 

Select the Place to Grow

Decide whether you want to grow the plant inside a closet or an empty room. There may be various suitable spots inside of the house, and they don’t need to be too big. You can even utilize a corner of your own room.

While growing, keep in mind that the baby plant needs appropriate temperature and light. That’s the reason why most growers prefer growing it in a tent. 

Find Seeds

Seeds for plants come in a wide variety. There are different types, such as for cannabis there is Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. For the locals, it’s easier to find seeds in the USA as there are quite a few brands on the market.

Regardless of the seed-type, make sure that the seeds have a hard shell, which is a sign of high quality. Such seeds are high-yielding, pest resistant and absolutely hassle-free to grow. That said, you have to ensure that the place is clean and cannabis-friendly. 

Make Sure the Place is Clean

Indoor cultivation requires proper hygiene and a standard sanitization. Since the marijuana plant is called a bioaccumulator, as a gardener you’re responsible for keeping the grow area clean. Otherwise there is a risk of bacteria, pathogens or mold growth alongside your plants. 

For this purpose:

  • Clean the area twice a week 
  • Utilize a wet microfiber rag in your cleaning routine

Supply Nutrients

If you want to grow quality plants, you need to ensure that your plant is getting the essential nutrients. The important nutrients which your plant should be getting are: 

  • Calcium 
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Nitrogen
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus. 

These macronutrients are available on the market in powder and liquid forms.

Select a Container

If you don’t have pots with rich soil, you will need a proper container to fit the plant in. Other options include any regular household container or even a 5 gallon bucket. 

If your plant can’t grow in waterlogged conditions. That means you will have to make holes or perforations at the base of the container.

Select Grow Lights

Growth quality largely depends on the light source in the growing area. So, it might be worth splurging a good fortune on getting the best lights. 

Choose from these options 

  • Induction grow lights
  • LED lights
  • fluorescent lights
  • HID grow lights

Give Emphasis on Fresh Air

To grow healthy, plants need consistency and quality in the air they receive. No matter how restricted or small your growing area is, use an exhaust fan and a portable fan on both ends of the plants to give them good air. 

Exhaust fan eliminates the hot air, whereas the portable fan acts as a source of fresh carbon dioxide air.

Fresh air makes sure that the photosynthesis of your plant occurs on a normal basis and improves the health of your plant. It is vital for its growth and health to have a constant influx of fresh air. This way your plant will thrive and come to full fruition within the shortest timespan. 


By following the above-mentioned guidelines, you are bound to have fun while learning more about growing indoors. If you are a plant lover, then this experience will be a worthwhile one for you. Start your journey and become an indoor growing enthusiast that grows its own plants. Believe me that you’ll be proud once your plants give you the results you’ve worked for.