There are many ways you can increase your home’s energy efficiency. This is an important thing, from saving money on utilities, to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. When you improve your home’s efficiency, it should also mean not dealing with aggravations, such as cold drafts in the winter.

Here are some of the most common ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency:

Upgrade to more efficient appliances

Old appliances can be incredibly inefficient. Technology has changed so much over the years, and newer appliances have much better energy-saving designs. A new heating and cooling system makes an enormous difference.

Replace old windows and doors

Old windows and doors can be a huge source of heat loss in a home. If you’ve ever dealt with cold drafts or ice on your windows in the window, these are perfect examples of why it is time to replace your windows.

New windows and doors make a huge difference in the home. Not only do new windows look better, but you should notice an improvement in your utility bill.

Add insulation

If your home is missing insulation, it is important to make sure you fill in those places as needed. For example, perhaps your garage is missing insulation. Even adding insulation to pipes is a good measure to take, so that temperatures are better maintained, and even to help prevent frozen pipes in the winter.

Use a programmable thermostat

This can be one of the quickest ways to improve efficiency in your home. New thermostats are easy to program and create schedules, and you can even control them from outside the home with a smart phone. This way, you can adjust your heating and cooling system while you are away, or even from your job.