Many of us already store our equipment and tools in our garages, and some people use their garages as a work space as well. It is easy to relate to not being able to find things or to be frustrated with not having usable space.

Here you can find some tips on how to be able to turn your garage into the perfect work space. 

Make sure your space is clean

A clean workshop is a good workshop. Having tools, scraps, equipment, and other things scattered all over the place isn’t a good idea, especially since it can cause hazards. It is a good idea to invest in a good shop vac that can keep up with messes. You may want to buy (or build!) storage bins as well. 

Have sturdy shelves and cabinets

Having sturdy shelves is a must when it comes to making your workshop the best it can be. A cluttered space is not ideal, so installing shelves makes it much easier to store things without them being all over the place. Make sure that the shelves can handle the weight of your equipment. It is useful to have a rolling workbench that you can organize your tools in.

Upgrade your flooring

You want your flooring to be the best it can be. Over time, concrete floors can get dirty and stained, causing problems and frustration in the future. Epoxy floors are the solution to this. They’re easy to clean and have other pros. 

Have plenty of power outlets

Access to power outlets at all times is something that you are going to want in your workshop. Using too many extension cords can cause hazards including tripping over them as you walk, so you’ll want to have a lot of outlets. You’d rather have too many than not enough. You can also set up a station for rechargeable batteries for your tools.

Use good lighting

When working, it’s best to have a well-lit space, and garages are usually not equipped with many lights, so you’ll need to install some. Make use of windows if you have any. Lamps and lights are also your best friend. You could also invest in some fluorescent ceiling lights, as those will light up a space perfectly.

Have good ventilation

This is necessary for your workshop, as you are most likely going to be doing projects that require it. Things like opening a window or door might do the trick, but most likely not. Installing a ceiling fan or vents in your garage is a good idea. If the weather isn’t too extreme, you may also want to try opening the garage door to let fresh air in. 

Turning your garage into a good workspace can really be a fun and enjoyable project. We hope you enjoyed these 6 tips for making your garage into the perfect workshop!