When you’re married, you shouldn’t necessarily expect that your spouse is going to share all of the interests that you do. In fact, most of us learn that isn’t the case fairly early into a relationship. It’s important to have your own thing, an interest that you can dive into self-indulgently. However, there’s no denying that shared experiences and interests can play a big role in strengthening a relationship, as well. Here, we’re going to look at some hobbies that can be great for couples to get into.

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Go exploring

Forget the traditional vacation. Look at some of the latest travel trends that break from the usual case of flying the family to a beach location that involves sitting in the sun by the sea. You and your partner can have a much more invigorating trip if you take journeys to regional locations, go on city breaks, and explore a little more of the lesser seen world, instead.

Move those feet

If you want to use the hobby as an opportunity to get even closer to your spouse, then why not take the opportunity to make it something really romantic? There are few things more romantic than dancing and, if your partner is the particularly passionate kind, they might be excited to try tango with you, so why not try and find a milonga you can join together? It might take a little while to learn, but it can exciting to strut your stuff at the next family wedding, too.

Host a board game night

Perhaps you and your partner spend enough of your day up and on your feet and you would prefer something that’s a little more laid back and relaxing? Board game nights have been becoming a lot more popular amongst adults, and you can find plenty of great adult board games to host, yourselves, inviting some other friends or couples to join in the fun.

Exploring new worlds

If you and your spouse are more of an intellectually inclined pair, then there are few things that stimulate the mind quite like reading a book. Reading together and talking about what you read, by joining or forming a book club, can help increase more than just your vocabulary, it can improve your ability to talk to your spouse about high concepts that might not usually come up in day-to-day life, leading to a much more stimulating relationship.

Cooking and baking

Instead of letting the duties of cooking the home’s meals fall entirely on one person, why not share the load a little while improving everyone’s abilities to cook some delicious food? Finding a cookery course near you, both of you could enjoy getting to know food a lot more intimately, mastering the art of putting together some top-notch meals.

Talk to your husband about hobbies you’re thinking of trying out and invite them to join in. You can’t force them to be into the idea, but you should be able to find something you’ll both enjoy if you keep looking.