In today’s world, marketing is the key to getting the word out about your business. These days, social media sites are being utilized for running ad campaigns for ecommerce. One of the frontrunners in this kind of marketing is Facebook. Facebook allows you to create a digital plan to help you propel your e-commerce venture.

Child Girl Daughter

Children’s clothing is a business that requires targeting a specific segment. Such segments can include parents of young children and kids who fit the demographics of your brand. Facebook has over 1 billion active users daily. So, it is safe to say that the audience you are trying to target is also engaged.

Why do you need to be sure about your target audience? If your ad is being viewed by people on Facebook that have no interest in your product, your money and time will be wasted. Therefore, Facebook offers you an audience management option. Let’s see how many options are there and what is the best choice for Children’s Clothing.

The idea is to keep your audience small but relevant. Sometimes Facebook’s audience can have millions of users. So, keep narrowing down your options and be as specific as you can. 

Facebook offers three different types of audiences- Saved, Custom, and Lookalike.

Saved Audience

During the campaign setup phase, you can select the Saved Audience option and create save audience in the Audience Manager. Facebook allows you to select the audience based on their location, age, gender, interests, and more. 

This option might seem generic, but it’s much more detailed than you would expect. For example, you can narrow down your audience to a specific city postal code. Since you are interested in running a Facebook ad campaign for children’s clothing, you should look for ‘parents’ in the demographics option. You can narrow it down further by selecting ‘moms’ under ‘parents,’ as well.

You need to make your choices very specific to avoid cashing out some serious money. Select options like the interests, location, and behavior to narrow down the target audience for children’s clothing.

Custom Audience

This is the most high-value option, according to Facebook. This allows you to narrow down your audience by phone numbers, email addresses, as well as Apple IDs. Sometimes, depending on your choices, the Custom Audience can be too broad for you to handle, making it hard on your pocket.

One of the reasons why this is a popular option is that it allows you to re-target past website visitors. It also helps to target those who have engaged with your content in the past. 

The above-mentioned option, when combined with the specific location of your target audience who reap good results.

Lookalike Audience

Lastly, a lookalike audience option helps you reach people similar to your customers. They use identical products that you have to offer. This is a great way to bring in new engagement. You first need to create a custom audience, and then Facebook will give you details about the target group.

In our opinion, the best option for running a Facebook campaign for children’s clothing is Saved Audience and Custom Audience (as long you narrow it down to make it specific).

So, make sure you learn more about Facebook clothing ads thoroughly before starting an ad campaign.

Article by Sophia Williams of True North Social.