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We try to choose what we buy carefully, deciding what is good for our family and also products that have other benefits.  Enspice is a line of premium spices – but aren’t just any spices!  These are enhanced with 21 vitamins & minerals, which is 50% of the daily recommended FDA value per teaspoon.  So often, I see synthetic nutrients in products (including vitamins), and Enspice has a refreshing approach to spices.  Their plant-based nutrients are so easy to use via their line of spices.

Enspice isn’t just about providing health to consumers.  Their company has a goal of ending childhood malnutrition and providing nutrients from their natural sources.  With every purchase, their foundation helps children around the world.  Each purchase donates one meal for a child.

Enspice has a great line of spices.  These are all easy to use in a variety of dishes, including: cinnamon, seasoned salt, black pepper, cape cod, chipotle bbq, and taco seasoning.

We use the salt and black pepper the most.  To give you an idea of what you are getting in these spices, the pepper consists of whole ground peppercorns, but also has nutrients from: 

organic broccoli
organic spinach
organic kale
organic pumpkin
organic sweet potato
organic sunflower seed
organic kelp
organic chlorella
organic maitake mushroom
organic shiitake mushroom

This is what sets Enspice aside!  I really think it is important to get nutrients from wherever we can.  I try to make sure our family eats a healthy, balanced diet, but nutrients are valuable regardless.  And the reality is, life gets busy and healthy eating does get overlooked.

The Enspice Seasoned Salt is delicious, and it is a perfect all purpose seasoning.  I love steamed fresh veggies with some butter and seasoning, and this one is perfect.  Enspice Cape Cod seasoning is also great on veggies!

Enspice Black Pepper is easy to use on so many dishes as well, from soups to pizza. Even my kids will eat my cheddar broccoli soup, which is a win-win!  I also added some red pepper flakes for an extra kick.

We have been working on perfecting our mashed potato recipe for the holidays, and I love pepper on my potatoes.

We use cinnamon all the time.  With the holidays coming up, I think I have been using cinnamon more than ever.  Enspice Sri Lankan Cinnamon is yummy in my pumpkin spice pancakes.  Don’t forget to use this in your apple pie and pumpkin pies!

Pumpkin Pancakes

Enspice Taco Seasoning is perfect for our taco salads.   We are vegetarian, so we use meatless crumbles, seasoned with the Taco Seasoning.  Once we have prepared the meatless crumbles, we mix together a salad using romaine, tomatoes, black olives, tortilla chips, sour cream, and shredded taco cheese.  This is a hit with the whole family as well as guests, since you can customize your salad however you want.

In addition to the great benefits of the spices, they are all heat resistant, so there is no worry about using them in whatever you are cooking. We have had some nice, warm days sprinkled in our fall weather, so we made some grilled tofu for the kids with Enspice Chipotle BBQ spice. Just toss firm tofu planks with oil and seasoning, then grill.

As a busy parent, I appreciate how much Enspice can add nutrition into our diet. Not only does Enspice have health benefits, but their spices are delicious!

Check out the Enspice website at https://www.enspice.com/

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