In recent years, “Detox” has been the most searched keyword on the internet. You may have tried several detox diets, juices, and meal plans to get that glowing skin you always dream about. However, you still feel that something is missing and your skin doesn’t feel so great. This is because a change in your diet cannot bring that heavenly glow on your face. To achieve that you may have to take some extra precautions.

Natural Skin

The real problem here is – you’ve been ignoring your skin for too long. As a result, your skin looks dull, cracked, and unhappy. Also, if any other part of your body isn’t functioning well, from your gut (because you have eaten too much junk food) to your brain (as of stress), it can clearly show up on your skin, Why? Your body has to compensate for the other organs, which are not functioning well. As a consequence, your skin pores start getting clogged up and make your skin look dreary.

However, a facial detox means continuously dedicating your time and energy to remove all impurities, toxins, pollutants, and dead skin cells to how it usually looks. And if you detox right, chances are your skin may look even better than before. All you need to do is follow these easy steps and see the results.     

Cleanse twice a day

When you know, your skin is taking a toll because of your stressful routine; you need to add cleansing to your must-to-do list. However, a typical skin care routine won’t fit the bill; you’ll need to add detoxifying skincare methods to have radiant skin. Be careful about your skin type, when choosing a cleanser for your skin. Make sure you apply it on your face morning and night. In case you have dry skin, an oil cleanser in the morning, and a dry cleanser at night will suit perfectly for your skin. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, water-based gel in the morning and at night will give you the best results.  

Get a Facial done

After a long hectic day, a facial can do wonders for your skin than a common skincare routine. Getting your facial done (and a face massage after), can be the most relaxing thing you have splurged on yourself in a long while. It will take care of your skin, along with your mind and soul. Begin your detox routine the cleanest way possible, with a facial at your favorite spa. Even better if you learn to DIY at home, saves you time and money  

Steam your face, but gently

After a facial and cleansing, steaming your skin becomes a priority. Since it is crucial to let the ingredients go through the pores and extract as much dirt as possible. However, if you don’t have a steam shower, it is very easy to make one at home. So, what you need to do is, boil a pot of water, and pour that water into a bowl. Hover your face above it and put a towel over your head and let the steam affect your facial pores for about fifteen minutes and you can see the difference right after that. 

Hydrate your skin and stay away from pollution

To properly hydrate your skin, you need to use body serum twice a day, morning and night. They not only hydrate your skin but also let the skin absorb the enhancing ingredients, which you put on your face, making your skin look happy and bright. The morning routines should include serum with moisturizer and sunscreen. At night you should strictly apply a night moisturizer, cream, or mask (depending on your skin type). You can also add a facial oil to your routine, but you need to apply for a couple of weeks to get the best results. 

While a skincare routine is essential to have a sleek face and body, you can’t ignore the effect your body’s well-being can have on your skin. You may need vitamins and a strong immune system to avoid acne and other skin problems. You can consider starting a new healthy diet routine along with your skincare one or use supplements your body needs to look healthier. For example, you can apply for Forth Worth IV therapy and get iv healthy fluids directly to your body from time to time or take Vitamins, which will give great results if used consistently.

Follow a Detox diet

While you follow a skin detox diet, be very precise about what you eat. If you are someone who cannot live without eating junk food, your skin is definitely going to take a toll. Stay off junk food, dairy products, and add sugar as much as possible. However, if you add fruits and veggies like bananas, broccoli, kale, and watermelon. These help your skin stay young (also your hair, bones, and teeth). 

In Conclusion

Caring for your skin can have all round effects on your body. It improves your lifestyle and makes you stand apart in the crowd. To get the best results, follow these easy steps for twenty one days or more and your body will thank you.