Pain in your joints and muscles? Saw a general physician but no abnormality could be identified? Don’t wait for something to go terribly wrong!

Poor posture puts unwanted pressure on the upper back, neck, and shoulders, which can cause the discs and bones to shift enough to cause problems such as a slipped or herniated disc. This is when a chiropractor comes to rescue. Although seeing a chiropractor might not seem like a real doctor’s appointment to some, you’d be surprised how relieving a chiropractor visit can be. Here are five signs that can indicate that you need to consult a chiropractor.

  1. Chronic back and neck pain

Instead of making chronic back pain as part of your daily life, a chiropractic visit might help relieve the pain. There are many reasons someone could have back pain, from occasionally sleeping in the wrong position to having multiple sclerosis, degenerative disk disease, or simply living with poor posture. Chiropractors use their hands or a small instrument to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. A chiropractor for back pain can improve spinal motion and your body’s physical function. 

  1. Headache

The National Health Service (NHS) estimates that 10 million people in the UK alone suffer from regular headaches. We mostly reach out for over-the-counter painkillers at one time or another. Although most headaches are benign, occasionally, a headache can also signal a medical emergency. A range of factors, from stress, mild dehydration and tiredness, to skipping meals, poor posture and eye strain – can trigger muscle contractions in the neck and head. If you find yourself popping pills quite often to ward off pain, then it might be time to visit a chiropractor to see if they can treat the root cause.

  1. Sleep 

No matter how much you sleep, you wake up feeling fatigued. Many don’t realize that chiropractors can help with sleep issues. For poor sleep quality, you might want to see a chiropractor in Frederick MD. A chiropractor can use spinal manipulation to increase blood flow in your body which can aid the completion of tasks of our body and help to get sleep easily. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), nearly one-third of people who have undergone a chiropractic adjustment say they experience an immediate improvement in sleep. A misaligned spine can also disturb your body, causing stress and difficulty getting sleep.

While seeking help for your sleep issues, your chiropractor will encourage you to exercise regularly. The routine should include simple stretches and relaxation methods that allow the muscles to release any tension.

  1. Stress relief and blood pressure normalisation

High blood pressure due to stress might not have noticeable symptoms but affects many. It can lead to severe heart problems such as strokes and heart diseases. Generally, most people choose to medicate lifelong, to keep their blood pressure under control. Chiropractors focus on relieving stress on the top of the neck, which has been found to relieve tension and lower the blood pressure.

  1. Improved digestion 

Your spine is part of the central nervous system. So any misalignments on it can cause signals to not be transmitted from your nervous system to your digestive system. That can cause a whole range of problems in your digestive function. Chiropractic treatment is an excellent choice no matter what type of gastrointestinal issue you have. Many patients report having digestive issues resolved after having a chiropractic adjustment.