To give a new life to your home there is nothing better than kitchen and bathroom renovation. Although the most expensive rooms to renovate are the kitchen and the bathroom. But do not think that you may put everything and spend a fortune to give a facelift to these rooms. A cost-effective and simple solution to this is cabinet refacing, which has a number of benefits. 

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What do you mean by cabinet refacing? 

Cabinet refacing is pretty much the same as it sounds- it means to change the face of the cabinets. It involves the replacement of doors, drawer fronts and hardware without taking down the entire cabinet. Some benefits of cabinet refacing are mentioned below.

It is less expensive 

On average it is about half the price of replacing the cabinets. When the people go for changing their cabinets, the reason may be that they no longer like the style or they are bored of the existing style. But if the existing cabinets are in functional condition, it is better to reface them and save money. And if you desire to go for other changes like new fixtures or countertops, you will have more money left in your pocket. 

Requires Less Time 

The amount of time required for cabinet refacing is on an average about two days. On the other hand, the replacement of cabinets is a big and complicated process. 

Environmental friendly 

Since the old cabinets are not destroyed, it means less material will go to end up in the landfills. You cannot replace a lot of old cabinets, so the longer you keep on using them, the favourable it is for the environment

Cabinet Refacing Is Hygienic And Healthy  

 There is a pretty good chance that some mildew or mould is getting collected behind the kitchen cabinets. If those cabinets are ripped out, it may result in the contaminants to release into the air. When the cabinets are refaced, a fresh veneer is applied to the boxes of the cabinet which can help in eradicating the mildew and mould. 

Several Style Options

The refacing of the cabinet gives a number of options for style, colour and hardware. Along with selecting the doors and hardware, you may opt to refresh the boxes or even add custom trim also if you want to. You can go for real-world things like Maple, mahogany or walnut or you may choose simple white doors. Whether you search for a subtitle upgrade, an entirely new appearance or something that matches your kitchen table and chairs, you will find an option that works the best for you. 


 You have a desire for a new style for your kitchen or bathroom, but you would search for something that is affordable and eco friendly and still gives you all the choices, then you cannot go wrong with cabinet refacing. If you are ready for change then consider this option, but only if the structure of the existing cabinet is in a good condition.