The quarantine period has set us apart from the world into the home zones. Lots of us miss the Espresso coffee that we enjoy in cafes. Yet, today there are progressive and advanced coffee brewing methods that allow you to enjoy your favourite coffee at home. 

With these methods, you can brew coffee easily at home. But you might have a tough time in deciding the method for brewing coffee. Pour-over, cold-drip, or an AeroPress brew, we have a lot of options to brew coffee.


But the question is how we can brew coffee in these ways. So, let’s read the five different ways to brew coffee to sip the tastiest coffee at home. 

Five Different Ways to Brew Coffee at Home 

Cold Brew Coffee 

The cold brew is one of the best and ideal ways of brewing coffee at home. It offers you a smooth, chocolatey, and low acidity content coffee. To brew the coffee, you need to steep the coffee overnight inside the fridge. 

The next day, you can strain coffee anytime between 12 to 36 hours and even more. You will have a perfect cold coffee at home that makes you chill after coming from a hot sunny day. To enjoy coffee, make sure to steep coffee overnight to enjoy a cold coffee glass the next day. It gives a thick texture to the coffee and nice creamy consistency so that you can enjoy it better. 

French Press 

A French press is an elegant and simple coffee brewing equipment that helps you make a thick, heavy-bodied, and chocolatey coffee flawlessly. Moreover, the French Press can provide you complex flavors from the dark coffee beans. 

This is an instant method of making coffee and is relatively simpler than the rest. For this, you need a French press and also a courser grinder like this one. Within five minutes, you can make up to eight cups of coffee. So, you can enjoy your favourite coffee with your friends and family members. 

Channi Coffee 

If you don’t have the French press to transform into the coffee elitist, then try Channi coffee. It is the cheapest and easiest way of brewing coffee at home. Channi coffee is as easy as making a teacup. This method is mainly for those who feel hassles in using the other equipment. 

Moka Pot 

If you want to have the authentic Italian style coffee, then brew coffee with the Moka Pot. It is an affordable and better alternative for your espresso coffee machine. This cute little aesthetic steam pressure creates steam and thicker consistency through hot water. 

Hot water passes through its lower section that contains coffee beans or grounded coffee. This allows you to enjoy a concentrated coffee at your home. It looks similar to an espresso machine but is a far affordable and compact way to brewing coffee. 

All you need to do is put grounded coffee and pour hot water in the Moka pot, and within five minutes, you are ready to sip your hot coffee. 


The next best way to brew coffee is through Aeropress. This is the newest way of brewing coffee at home. Moreover, it makes coffee instantly within minutes. The Aeropress uses a reverse plunge system and pressure to extract the flavours from the coffee. Within two minutes, you’re ready to sip hot and thicker coffee. 

Besides that, the Aeropress is easy to use, easy to clean, and highly cost-effective. The high-intensity pressure makes your coffee within a minute. This is like just mix, pour water, milk, and go. And you are good to go and enjoy a hot coffee from anywhere. 


In-home quarantine period, you can brew coffee at home with these five different ways. From espresso to French and cold brew method, you can enjoy the coffee at your best within minutes. 

Pour-over and espresso are some other best ways of brewing coffee at home. These allow you to enjoy hot, thick, and chocolatey coffee at home. So, now you don’t need to move out of your home and look for cafes to enjoy an espresso or cold coffee. Choose these methods to brew coffee and enjoy it at home.