Have you hit your 30s already? Even though things might seem excruciating yet, it is advisable to switch your everyday schedule according to your age slowly. Something which suited you and was healthy in your 20s might not have the same effect in your 30s. This doesn’t mean that you would need to change your entire schedule. It is just the basic requisite changes and implementations that are needed to be done to age like fine wine!

If you are on a fat loss journey, these tips will surely help you to ace the entire journey during your 30s. These tips are quite basic but very crucial for your overall health. Let’s check out the five tips and tricks that you can implement in your everyday schedule to lose fat during your 30s.

  • No Artificial Sweeteners: Various researches have proven the fact that continuous usage of artificial sweeteners can actually increase your sugar cravings. This is because artificial sweeteners are much sweeter in comparison to natural sweeteners. Thus, when you get addicted to these, your body longs for more and you get more cravings. This can actually lead to many health issues in the long run and can slow down your weight loss journey as well. Thus, it is advisable to use natural sweeteners once in a while and ditch those artificial sweeteners.
  • Lift Heavier Weights: As you age, you start losing your muscle mass significantly. To slow that process, you need to lift heavier weights. When you lift, you create muscle tears, and as they heal, you grow muscle. Cardio is just not enough to lose fat. Therefore, make sure to incorporate strength and weight training in your workout routine almost every day for optimum fat loss and muscle building. This doesn’t really imply that it is mandatory to hit the gym. You can even buy weights according to your preference and start lifting. But if you need personal guidance, then you can undoubtedly invest in a personal trainer. A trainer at Iron Lab : Personal Trainer Vancouver can tailor a workout to your own personal needs.
  • Cut Back On Alcohol: Let’s face the truth. Those happy hours and date nights are something really exciting. Alcohol is something that turns out to be a part of or everyday routine somehow. But they should be limited. Alcohol can have serious repercussions for your body. There are certain beliefs that you might look more aged due to regular consumption of alcohol. Furthermore, this slows down your metabolism as well. Therefore, you should try cutting down your alcohol intake gradually.
  • Natural Thermogenic Fat burner: There are many fat burners out there in the market that promise to work. But before investing in a good thermogenic fat burner, you need to keep these few things in mind. Make sure the ingredients list has all-natural herbs like green coffee beans, caffeine, Glucomannan etc and no artificial chemicals.
  • Don’t eliminate Food Groups: During your youth, you might have cut down on your carb or dairy intake to speed up your weight loss. This could be a good option at that time, but this is certainly not the best option right now. Why? This is because when you eliminate food groups, you might be devoid of essential nutrients. Every food group is equally crucial in your weight loss journey. Thus, trying to incorporate every food group is mandatory for a well-balanced diet. Be it natural fats or dairy. You need everything in your diet.
  • Get regular Checkups: Now when you are done with all of the above points, this is another crucial thing you should look out for after the age of 30s. You need to get regular checkups. One common instance is Vitamin D deficiency within females as they age. Thus, it is advisable to have regular checkups to treat the same. Such deficiencies can slow your weight loss journey. Combating them at the earliest will help you to lose fat and maintain it in a healthy way.

Wrap Up

Fat loss during the 30s is certainly not impossible, and with the right strategy, you can surely ace your fat loss journey! If you are in your 30s, every single decision can either make or break your weight loss journey, regarding your lifelong health. Thus, it is advisable to make the best lifestyle choices regarding your health since this is something that can be greatly rewarding in the future.