A study revealed that people with tanned skin can be more alluring and attractive than individuals with pale skin. Tanning can bring a glorious shine to your skin. If you are also a lover of sun-kissed tan skin, this guide is going to be very helpful for you. 

Newbie in tanning? No fear! We are here to provide you complete guidance for tanning your back on your own without any mistake. Keep on reading till the end because after reading this helpful guide, you will become a self-tanner expert in no time for sure. 

It is not an easy task to apply tan on your back on your own. As an enthusiast of self-tanning, you can deeply feel this problem and will also be looking for something to ease this problem. 

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to tan your back without any discomfort.

STEP 1: Preparing Your Skin Through Exfoliating

To get a perfect professional tan at your home, you have to prepare your skin. For this, you need to exfoliate the dead skin off your back. Exfoliating will prepare your skin to absorb color more smoothly. 

STEP 2: Hydrating Your Skin

After exfoliation, the skin becomes so dry, rough, and dull. Thus in the second step, you have to hydrate your skin with the best moisturizer. Hydrating will help in creating a glorious shine on the skin. 

STEP 3: Spread the Tanning Product on Woody Tool With Large Surface Area

While tanning your back, everyone faces the problem of not reaching through the whole surface. To overcome this problem, you need a sturdy wooden tool, usually a long wooden spatula that has more power to reach every side of your back. After getting the desired tool, spread the required quantity of tanning products on it and place it on your back. You will get a beautiful shine following this step.

STEP 4: Smoothen The Tanner with Any Moisturizer

Adding a little quantity of a moisturizer will smoothen the tanning product. As a result, the tanning product will be applied and blended more smoothly and will cover your whole skin professionally.

STEP 5: Rubbing Your Back With A Clingfilm

After applying the product, you need to rub it properly so that it may provide you a satisfied tanning effect. You can relate this trick with the rubbing of your body using a towel after bathing. Clingfilm will let the product glide giving you a smooth finish with an inspiring shine on your skin. 

STEP 6: Points to Consider After Completing the Process of Tanning:

Once you have completed the process of tanning, you should not put on clothes so early. Let the product dry out if not, it will not give satisfying results. Try to wear loose clothes which will not stick to your body. It will prevent the tan from staining anywhere else. You will get a starling shine on your tanned back once it is completely dried. 

It’s all about the tips and tricks that a beginner usually wants to know about tanning. For more guidance, you can look here for how to self tan your back.

Some Secret Tips For Beginners:

If you are a beginner, then you can make some serious mistakes which can remove your tan or which may not let tan to stay on your skin. Follow these secret points and get your back perfectly tanned!

  • Stay away from perfumes and deodorants.
  • You should not dress until your tan is dried. If necessary, wear loose clothes that will not stick to your back.
  • Better to apply the tan in the evening so that it may keep on drying throughout the whole night.
  • None should use any scrubber or soap as they can remove or fade the tan. 
  • For washing your tan, it is better to use slightly cool water than normal or lukewarm water. That’s how your tan will stay longer.