We recently visited the new Touhey Family Preserve, and the Swift Wetland is just a few miles away.

Finding the Swift Wetland was easy. We used Google Maps, and started at the preserve at the end of Evelyn Drive. There is space for several cars there.

According to the trail map, there is another trailhead on Delaware Ave. Find the high-res version trail map here.

There is a trailhead kiosk near the parking lot with information and a map.

The trails are clearly marked with trail markers.

This is an easy, flat hike, about 1 mile long. I think it would be easy for younger kids to handle.

There were boardwalks in areas that are prone to mud, but the trail was very dry in October. As far as wetlands, there were a few wet areas, but barely anything. I imagine there would be more during the spring months.

The wetland is sandwiched in between residential areas, and we saw houses along the way.

We saw some large deer, and a garter snake.

This was a short, easy hike, and is very close to other preserves, including the Phillipin Kill and Touhey Family Preserve.

Visit the Swift Wetland website at https://mohawkhudson.org/our-preserves/swift-wetland/

Check out our other local hikes at


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