Whether you’ve bought a property before or a total amateur in assessing your ideal home, it’s in everyone’s best interest to get what you paid for. Buying a property that will ultimately become your home is a significant milestone to have, but along with that excitement comes with stress and anxiety as well. Projected in this statistical report, Australia will have around 10,000 households by 2021 and will continue to increase over the years steadily. Because of this, it is expected that more and more millennials will venture to find a house of their own despite the lack of knowledge.


Common building problems are often hidden. Without a trained eye, it can easily cause you, the homeowner, some long-term problems. To add, it’ll also become a liability. Some repairs even chalk up to twice the amount of the property you bought. To avoid this, having professionals inspect your chosen building will not only relieve you of doubt but also assure your dwelling is sturdy enough to endure many long years.

What Is A Pre-Purchase Inspection Service?

This service is done by professionals only, companies that aren’t licensed, certified, or haven’t taken proper training have no expert opinion and should not be partnered with at any cost. Pre-purchase inspection service is simply the assessment of a building or property for its current condition. In this way, you can accurately know the state your chosen property is in, gaining transparency between the seller and buyer. Agreeing to hire an inspector also reinforces the legitimacy of the seller. An honest merchant doesn’t have anything to hide after all. In the context of Florida, where property management involves intricate details, including adherence to codes and regulations, a traditional reserve study in Florida can complement the pre-purchase inspection by focusing on long-term financial planning for maintenance and repairs.

Some conditions that get commonly assessed are for pests and their damage, but it can also be utilized to find any structural damage, water or drainage problems, and even damage done by termites. If the damage some of these conditions leave accounts to more than the value of the house, it’s best to let go of the deal and find another property. 

Of course, the professional will be the one to give you the extent of the damage and calculate its possible repair fees. Services by companies like Jim’s pre-purchase building inspections have additional/premium services that also assess gas, plumbing, smoke alarms, and pool safety. The standard services they give include evaluating the interior and exterior of the house, roof space, and the property as a whole.

Though some may view this service as something “extra” or even unnecessary, we think otherwise. To someone who has not undergone training and lacks experience in observing the structures of establishments, a “quick fix” (termed for superficially fixing a structural problem without addressing the root of it) may pass your eye even if you look hard enough. On the other hand, to us experts, it can easily be detected as if it had neon signs pointed at it. Murray Home Inspection provides the best home inspection orlando services that you can trust.

Other Reasons You Should Get This Service

Still, are you not convinced with our reasoning? We have more than enough reasons as to the importance of our offered service. You might want to read on just in case you find yourself in these situations as well.

1. Unsteady Foundation

If you are buying a pre-owned house, it’s safe to say you weren’t there when it was still in construction. This means you have zero knowledge about the people involved in building it as well as the quality of their service and craftsmanship. If they somehow did a shoddy job and used sub-par materials, it’ll endanger you or your family in the future. The owner or agent will sell hard despite the condition of the building, so who should you turn to and trust?

This is where pre-purchase inspection services become useful. With a trained eye to inspect and evaluate the building without getting affected by hard-selling, it’ll be easy to decide logically instead of getting swept up by hard-selling. Whether it be repair work or a total re-do, pre-purchase inspectors don’t have a reason to be deceitful as we are never joint to the sales agent or the owner.

2. Structural Defects


A proper inspection should include structural defects that can potentially bring physical harm to the buyer. Factors such as uneven ground, pest damage, and structural cracking are some of the reasons an inspector would redirect you to an engineer. Some structural defects can be easily rectified but others, due to their size and extent of damage, need to be re-evaluated by another specialized professional.

3. Building Codes

To assure the quality and safety of the building, every establishment built in Australia should follow the Australian Building Standards and codes. This set of codes can be found here: https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/planning-and-property/land-and-property-development/building-rules-regulations-and-information/the-building-code-of-australia and should be read by every homeowner for added awareness. Inspectors will be able to assess if it aligns lawfully with the set of policies, and save you the trouble with any legal problems encountered in the future.

4. Improper Weather-proofing

This can be considered one of the most common problems caught on by inspectors during sessions. If there is a water problem and humidity settle in, it can account for a severe problem: mold. Mold can pose as a health hazard and ruin the aesthetic of your chosen home. It can also weaken structures, such as your roof and the foundation keeping it intact,

Other than that, this problem can result in sagging roofs, shingles with “greeneries”, and even rotting of wood structures. If this problem is assessed early, it can be an easy fix. Otherwise, it can be pricey in the long run.

5. Assurance For Life

They say ignorance is bliss, but in the case of your dwelling, ignorance can cost you more than just money. The most crucial reason to avail this service is simply the assurance and peace of mind we give to many homeowners. We understand money is hard-earned and wasting it on repairs that could have easily been avoided is a mistake as a buyer. 

Inspection before a purchase is the best way to find out if you’re placing your money in the proper place. Owning a house is a long-term commitment, which is why knowing everything about it should keep your anxious thoughts at bay.