If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s that our furry friends have an incredibly special place in our lives. Since the beginning of the pandemic, record numbers have adopted and rescued animals across the US, and millions of families have pampered and loved their pets on an unprecedented scale. Pets are loyal, loving, and fun, and you want to create the best environment for them to live in. That’s where this guide comes in, offering top tips to keep your pets healthy and happy in your home.

Food and Drink

You may feel that you’re adequately feeding and watering your pets, be they reptilian, furry or aquatic. But you should always be careful to monitor their health, size, and energy throughout the weeks to ensure they’re eating the right amount and keeping hydrated. 

Without adequate amounts of food and water, your pets can grow lethargic and tired, and that’s not to mention illness and other health problems. Check food bowls and keep an eye on the water in water dishes to ensure that your pets are always eating and drinking enough. For added surety, give your pets a set mealtime, so that they know when to hover around by their food dishes each day. 


Animals need entertainment just like humans do, and many millions of canine and feline friends have been absolutely spoiled by the presence of the whole family in the first months of this year’s lockdown. Strokes and walks have increased, and the attention paid to our furry friends has been massively boosted by being stuck inside.

As we all begin to head back to work, however, it’s important that you leave your pet companions with some form of entertainment for them to enjoy while you’re away. This is especially true for dogs and cats that are locked inside an apartment building without access to a garden. Look up how to keep cats entertained while at work in order to invest in the kinds of pet equipment that’ll help them explore, play, and have fun while you’re out of the house.

Love and Affection

People’s pets tend to reflect how they’re treated. If a dog is poorly trained, it’ll always be yapping and following you around looking to steal scraps of food from your plate. If a cat is spoiled with scraps from the fridge, it’ll become a pest when you’re in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s kinder to set limits with your pets and show them that they’ll only be fed at certain times of the day.

Moreover, you should always ensure that you’re treating your pets with respect and compassion throughout the duration of their lives. Cruelty to animals is a crime, and even minor acts of cruelty, like expressing anger, verbally or physically, towards your pets is enough to damage them. A pet is a responsibility, but it is also a joy, and you should make sure you express that gratefulness in the form of love round your pet at all times. 

These three tips are the fundamentals to keeping a happy home of pets in 2020.