Everyone wants a career they can enjoy, a career in which they can progress, a career that offers ultimate job satisfaction and security. Unfortunately, when you look around and try to pick something that is going to fulfill all these criteria, it becomes difficult. You might not even have an idea of what you want to do or which direction you think you should go in, and that makes it even harder. 

Nursing could be the answer. Nursing will certainly be an enjoyable profession, and you can progress nicely along your path, starting as an RN and moving up to other ranks and departments. Plus, when it comes to job satisfaction and security, there are few jobs that can compare. Why else would you want to become a nurse, though? After all, it’s a lot of hard work and emotionally tough too. There are actually a number of great reasons why nursing could be exactly what you’re looking for. Read on to find out what they are. 

It’s A Calling 

For some people, the lucky ones who know just what they are doing in life, nursing won’t be something they even question. It will be just a calling. In other words, becoming a nurse is the only thing they want to do, and there is no point and no need to have an alternative career in mind. 

For the people who look at nursing like this, they won’t mind what they are being paid, and they won’t mind what hours they have to work. All they want to do is become a nurse and take care of people in the best way they can. This is an admirable trait, and if this sounds like you, then you should start your nursing training as soon as you can. It makes no difference if you’re just heading to college after high school or you’ve been working in another career but now have the chance to switch to nursing to finally do just what you want; nurses of all ages and experience levels are wanted and needed. 

Lots Of Different Opportunities 

However you have completed your qualification, whether it was online or in a physical college, once you begin your nursing journey, you’ll find there are dozens of different opportunities open to you. Having that basic degree means you can then choose a specialty if that’s what you want to do. For example, you might want to find out the answer to what is an FNP (family nursing practitioner)? Upon discovering the answer, you might decide to follow that route. Or perhaps you are interested in helping those with cancer. Perhaps the ER sounds exciting, and that’s where you would like to focus your time and energy. 

With so many different options in nursing, including working outside of a hospital in a clinic setting or even working from home in a variety of roles, you will always be able to find something that suits your needs and your personality. Nursing is for everyone when you stop to look more closely into what you can do. 

Every Day Is Different 

Routine is good. Humans beings thrive on routine, and ever since we were children, we’ve been living our lives in a routine way. Yet, although this is a useful thing, it’s not what everyone is happy doing. In fact, some people prefer to do away with routine altogether, and they much prefer a life (or at least a career) in which they never know what is coming day by day. 

When you are a nurse, this is exactly how you will work every day. From the start of your shift until the very last moment, you aren’t going to know what’s going to happen. With your specialist wealth of knowledge, your expertise, your skills, and your qualifications, you will be able to cope with whatever comes through the door, but until it gets to you, it will be a surprise. This is great for keeping you interested in your nursing career and for making sure your brain (and body) is kept as active as possible. 

As a nurse, you will come across new challenges every day, and it will be your job to deal with them quickly and efficiently. Sometimes these challenges are going to be life and death situations, so you need a clear head and a steady hand. Does that sound appealing? Then you might be heading for a career in nursing. 

Make A Difference 

Nurses do so much for their patients that it’s inevitable they will make a massive difference in their lives. They will calm them when they’re scared, and they will administer medication and bandages; they will talk to them about their upcoming procedures or what steps they need to take to heal. They will even speak to concerned or grieving relatives to help them fully get a handle on exactly what is happening or what has happened. Plus, of course, they will help doctors and other clinic staff at all times, doing all manner of tasks. 

Nurses are involved in every area of a patient’s diagnosis, recovery, and treatment. Without them, the experience in a hospital or clinic would be a very different one; it would be much less caring and much more frightening. It would be confusing and upsetting. 

Nurses truly make a difference in people’s lives, and the great nurses will be remembered long after the patient has gone home and fully recovered. As a nurse, you might not always know when you are changing someone’s life in a positive way, but you most certainly are, whether this is acknowledged or not. 

We Always Need Nurses 

Nurses are needed more and more. Hospitals are growing larger, different options are opening up, and no matter where you look or who you speak to, there seems to be a nursing shortage – some would say crisis – happening. This is why you are needed, and if you want to become a nurse, it is why you will have a job for life once you are qualified. 

Moreover, gender is not an obstacle while choosing this career anymore. Though the caregiving industry has always been dominated by women and is considered to be a female industry, we can see more and more men choosing to become nurses. There are as many benefits of being a male nurse as being a female one and there is no difference. After all, caregiving has no gender.

There are very few careers that can promise you a job until you retire (and beyond that; retired nurses have many skills that can still be used) if you want it, but nursing is one of them. This allows you to concentrate on your career and not be concerned that you will have to search for something else at some point or even retrain. Once you have your nursing qualification, you are set for life.