Are you worried your dog might be getting sick?

Our pets can get sick, too, and when they do you, might not pick it up right away. You want your dog to happy and healthy—after all, aside from being your best friend, they are family too. So, how to tell if a dog is sick, then?

Below are some tips that can help you determine if your dog is sick. Read on to know if you have a sick pet or not.

1. Dry and Itchy Skin

If you notice your dog itching more than usual, it can be a sign of health problems. The skin is the perfect sign of a dog’s health. It should be pink, smooth, and silky. Many dogs suffer from having itchy skin, and it’s a common reason why we bring our dogs to the vet. 

Persistent itching may be because of allergic reactions due to flea bites. What’s worse is that your dog may develop skin infections and lesions from excessive scratching. Always keep an eye out for these signs because if your dog won’t stop scratching an area, he might wound himself.

2. Dry, Red, Cloudy Eyes 

Having cloudy eyes is a natural sign that says your dog is growing older. However, a cloudy eye may also be a possible symptom of many medical problems.

Respiratory issues and cloudy eyes are detrimental for your animals and can signal serious health issues. Distinguishing between what is normal and what is not is difficult if you are not an expert. This makes it important to have your dog checked by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

3. Respiratory Issues

If your dog is breathing fast with their mouth open and tongue out, they’re doing this to cool down. However, if your dog is breathing heavily and faster than usual, it’s a possible sign of something serious.

They may be in pain or trying to recover from something when they do this. Don’t hesitate to get them checked once you notice this happening.

4. Severe Vomiting and Diarrhea 

Dogs eat things that aren’t considered edible by human standards. This may cause them to have occasional vomiting and diarrhea. As pet owners, cleaning up is a pain, but what’s worse is that it can also mean your pet has health issues.  

The presence of blood and mucus in their vomit is the number one sign that they’re sick. We recommend visiting a vet to get them examined and bring a sample of stool for your vet to check. 

5. Lack of Appetite and Signs of Inactivity 

We love seeing our dog eat, as it’s a sign of a healthy appetite and good health in general. However, they may lose their appetite all of a sudden. This can alarm many people as it’s a telltale sign that they’re experiencing distress.

Check to see if anything is obstructing your dog’s throat if this happens. Doing this allows you to clear their airway. You then take them to the vet to be sure that nothing else is wrong with your pet. 

Learn How to Tell if a Dog Is Sick Today

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