Understanding CBD products can help you know what they can do and what they can’t do. That will ultimately lead to customers who feel more satisfied with the CBD products.

What is CBD?

Perhaps you have asked yourself the question, “What is CBD?” Well, CBD is a chemical known as cannabidiol taken from the cannabis plant. Because of its psychoactive properties, you most likely think of the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short before you think of CBD. With that said, CBD won’t get you high, which has put even some of the most ardent opponents in support of it on that one point.

For someone who lives in a state where the legislature has legalized it, they might check to see if they can find CBD products on shelves. As of right now, 47 out of the 50 states have legalized CBD products. The only three states where it remains illegal is Nebraska, Idaho and South Dakota. The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from its Schedule I classification, allowing for more growth, production, and purchasing of hemp and hemp-based products, like CBD, on a federal level.

How It is Consumed/Taken

You have multiple ways that you can consume or take CBD, which allows for people to take it according to their own comfort. Some of the methods of taking it include:

  • Creams and lotions
  • Oils and tinctures
  • Pills
  • Vaping
  • Edibles

Customers consume CBD in any one of these ways. Each method of consumption has its advantages. In a tincture vs. concentrate scenario, it’s common to vape the CBD concentrate liquid, while with CBD tincture, users choose to take it sublingually.

CBD oils and tinctures work well when you can’t take pills. You use a dropper and place it under the tongue. Creams are widely used to soothe minor skin irritations and aid in therapeutic massage. Lotions are commonly used to moisturize the skin as well.

Edibles have picked up popularity because of the ease of use, and you can consume them in the form of a gummy. In fact, this ranks as one of the most popular ways to take it. You also don’t have to do any guesswork with edibles and worry about taking too much.

Finally, you have vaping. With this method, you will use a vape pen, and you will inhale the vapors into your bloodstream through the lungs.

What Can It Do?

By no means should anyone think of CBD products as a panacea, but you do have some everyday issues that can be supported through a regular CBD routine. Some of benefits of CBD can include:

  • Promote relaxation
  • Promote overall wellness
  • Support a healthy lifestyle
  • Enhance exercise recovery

How Much Should You Take?

Someone new to CBD will usually begin at the lowest dose and slowly up themselves over time with it. This expresses caution to minimize the potential for negative side effects. You want to know how your body reacts to CBD before increasing it.

On the federal level, CBD with less than 0.3 THC in it is considered legal. Always beware of state laws to ensure no problems with law enforcement.