Sunglasses have existed in the most primitive forms in Prehistoric times but what we know now our modern-day shades. With so many styles to choose from it’s difficult to know which type of sunglasses are the most flattering. Different frames work based on different faces. For example – Forged from Aerospace grade Titanium, The Empire sunglasses provide the ultimate durability and comfort and with a lifetime guarantee, you don’t have to worry about taking them along for the adventure. The empires have classic styling and Revolutionary Titanium construction. It was created to challenge outdated ideas. It has a polarized Japanese nylon lens with 100% UVA and UVB protection. 

Aviator Sunglasses 

These sunglasses were originally popularized by Pilots. They have become a favorite of many others worldwide. The features distinctive of an Aviator frame are simple and clean colors, metal frames, and teardrop-shaped lenses. A snug tee-shirt and respect for the law are optional. 

Butterfly / Cat – Eye Sunglasses 

Oversized butterfly frame sunglasses vary in terms of temple width, height, or shape. The size of butterfly styles is a functional advantage. It covers more of the face from sun’s harmful rays and if you have a generously sized nose, butterflies can draw attention away. They work great for those mornings after or when dealing with a loss, when you just want to hide your face. 

Rectangle Sunglasses 

Rectangle sunglasses have frames that are wider than they are taller. Angular rectangle frames work very well on round faces and they can add length to a short face by contrast. Oval faces also benefit from rectangular frames with softer edges. If you want something a little more unique, browse the selection at and find what suits your personality best!

Round or Semi-Rimless Sunglasses 

The round semi-rimless, clubman, browline, or anti- Ray-Ban frame is yet another style that has been around for a long time and has regained popularity recently. Created originally in 1947, you may remember these from famous people over the years including Jeff Goldblum,  John Lennon, Malcolm X, and Colonel Sanders. So if you are using a clubman frame, you are in a pretty good company. 

Shield Sunglasses 

These sunglasses have a single large lens. They provide serious protection from the sun because they cover the entire eye, not just the front. The frames are great for long days in the sun.

Square Sunglasses 

You have a narrow or round face and you want to add some size to beef up that jaw then square sunglasses are the best. Square sunglasses shapes look good on oblong and oval faces due to the contrasting angles of face and accessory. Mostly oversized, they can be a fashion for the look or they just block extra rays on a really rough Saturday morning. 

Wayfarer Sunglasses 

The Wayfarer is a classic sunglasses shape and has been used since the 1950s. Versatile and timeless this frame looks great on almost every face. 

Wrap Sunglasses 

These are perfect for athletes and people who want to look like athletes. The streamlined design increases the Aerodynamic properties of the face and the lightweight frame makes it feel like you are not wearing anything at all. Wrap-around frames have lenses that cover most of your eyes, not allowing UV rays to get through the side and have arms that are spring-loaded to help them stay on the face during activities. 

Double bridge Sunglasses 

Often found on Aviator wireframe style sunglasses, these add some extra interest to your eyewear game. They can also be found on some smaller round frames and oversized rectangular and Square shaped sunnies. 

Now that you are aware of all the styles and Trends of sunglasses available in the market, go and grab one that suits you the best.