If you love taking care of your skin, you will know how frustrating it is when your skin does not respond to the effort you put in. This can be for a multitude of reasons; perhaps the skincare you are using is not quite right for your skin, or maybe something else is contributing to your skin’s stubbornness! The perfect skincare routine is a delicate balance which can take years to figure out. 

One thing that frustrates people about their skin is discoloration. Discoloration is when patches of your skin can flare up or simply change color, causing your face and/or body to appear uneven and patchy. This can cause people to feel self conscious about their bare skin, prompting them to cover up with concealers and foundations to achieve an even skin tone. 

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Causes of Discoloration

If you have experienced discoloration of your skin, it could be caused by a few different things. Discoloration is usually not dangerous nor is it a worrying sign, but instead is usually a result of the pigment in your skin changing due to reduced or increased melanin levels. If you experience patches of redness on your skin, this is more likely due to an irritant causing your skin to become inflamed, such as a food allergy, a reaction to a certain material of clothing, or a skin condition like eczema. 

Solutions For Discoloration

For anyone that has experienced or currently has discoloration on the skin, you may have tried many beauty solutions that have not provided any resolution. If you have discoloration on your face, products from StudioMD can help conceal the issue and help boost your confidence. 

Depending on the severity and type of discoloration, it may not be possible to completely get rid of it. At the end of the day, the important thing to remember is that your body is not designed to be perfect – it is a natural organism full of imperfections.

Discoloration can cause confidence or anxiety issues, so follow these simple solutions if you worry about discoloration on your skin.

  • Redness and Eczema

Eczema is a common skin condition, which can be caused by the environment, inflammation, or stress. If you experience eczema symptoms, such as dry or patchy red marks, seek advice from your doctor to ensure it is definitely eczema. After the assessment, you can try to find the most effective solution. 

Most solutions involve treatments, which can be provided by your doctor or purchased at a pharmacy. Some of these treatments include steroid creams, oils, and oral medications which help reduce the inflammation and itchiness of eczema. To conceal eczema on the face, you can use fresh, natural, and easy makeup for brighter skin. Liquid products that offer hydration will not worsen the condition and are useful to rehydrate the area.

If you experience patchy redness, see your doctor to try to determine what is causing this redness. It could be that certain foods, like gluten or dairy, are causing this. If the red blotches become itchy and dry, you could have undiagnosed eczema. Your doctor will be able to diagnose this and give you appropriate treatments. Some of these treatments include steroid creams, oils, and oral medications which help reduce the inflammation and itchiness of eczema.

  • Hyperpigmentation

Although hyperpigmentation is relatively harmless in terms of your health, many people feel self conscious about how it looks. In order to remove dark spots on the face, you can undergo laser treatments at specialist spas. If this sounds too invasive for you, you can try specific acidic treatments which lighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation on your face.


Although there is nothing wrong with varied colors on your face, we understand that it can be a source of anxiety for some. Try these methods to help even out the color of your skin today.