Have you ever considered vacationing in the winter? Think about how incredible it would be to get some sun during the most frigid weather. When the days are short and the nights are long, that’s when you need a spot of warm sunshine. Your kids could also benefit from taking some time away. They can play outside, stretch their legs and get some relief from the cabin fever that comes with being snowed in. What better place to head to than the Sunshine State? There are plenty of reasons why one of the best places for parents and kids to travel to during the winter is Orlando, Florida. Here are just five of them that’s have you booking a flight to Orlando as soon as possible.

  1. Orlando is prepared for kids.

The greater Orlando area is chock full of theme parks, so the city is just waiting for you and your kids. Disney World is right nearby, and visiting the Magic Kingdom is an experience you won’t want your kids to miss out on. The city of Orlando knows and understands the needs of their vacationers, so it’s easy to find services to help parents with everything they’ll need to have an easy and safe vacation. You can rent anything you need—even quality strollers (or double strollers for you parents of twins!) and all of their gear, like rain covers. Whatever your stroller needs, Orlando Stroller Rentals has you covered so you don’t have to bring one from home. Their stroller rentals are clean, safe, and affordable, making your trip very convenient. Their store is located next to the theme parks, making it easy to pick up and return.

Orlando Stroller Rentals’ cleaning and inspection process is intensive, so you never have to worry about the hygiene of your seat. Their quality strollers are easy to maneuver, lightweight, sturdy, foldable, recline for naps and come with a large sun canopy to keep your little one out of the sun. The best part is that you can reserve a single stroller or double stroller online before you ever even hop on the plane.

  1. You can get a head start on your spring shopping.

Consider this vacation a fun opportunity to get a head start on some spring shopping for the whole family. You’ll need travel clothes that match both the climate you’re traveling from and the warm weather in Orlando. Consider buying layers, so you can slowly transition during the flight for the right temperature when you land.

Warm weather clothes won’t be the seasonal clothes being sold in stores, which means you might be able to get some incredible deals on warm-weather clothing. This will save you money in your clothing budget, and your kiddos will just be excited to have new outfits to sport. Make sure you have skirts for the warm weather, as well as a comfortable travel outfit for the plane. If you think you’ll be somewhere a bit fancier, it might be a good idea to pick up a blazer or two while you’re at it. Have some fun getting a few new outfits—treat yourself!

  1. There’s fun for everyone.

Your kids will lose their minds about being at Disney World when they’re normally at school. They’ll love meeting the iconic characters and riding the famous rides, and when the day is winding down, you can sneak out while your children participate in Kid’s Night Out. A trusted Disney sitter inside your own hotel room can watch your children while you have some time to yourself. You can go explore Disney Springs or have a late dinner at one of Epcot’s incredible restaurants. Everyone will have time to unwind and enjoy.

  1. You’ll be avoiding the crowds during the off-season.

It’s true that Orlando can be hopping around the holidays as people from all over the world come to see the seasonal offerings. However, in the time between the end of the holidays and the beginning of Spring Break, there’s a serious lull in tourism. You can avoid the crowds and make your way through popular attractions much more quickly by coming during the winter. It’s warm in the Sunshine State year round, so you’ll still be able t enjoy Disney World and the water parks around the area—you’ll just have them to yourself!

  1. Skip the heat.

Orlando summers can be brutally muggy. Not to mention the body heat coming off of the crowds. In the winter, temperatures only get up to the mid 70’s, so you’ll be comfortable for your entire trip. You may like coming to Orlando in the winter so much that you’ll want to take all of your vacations during this season. While everyone back home is wrapping up to face the freezing cold, you’ll be wearing a tank top and yoga pants, enjoying a warm sunny day with your kids.