We visited the Lisha Kill Natural Area many years ago, and recently wanted to revisit it, but we had some trouble finding parking.  We decided to check out the trails on a cool summer evening.

Despite not being able to find parking in the past, there is a decent amount of parking in the lot; I would say space for at least 10 cars.  It was easy to find the preserve on Rosendale Road in Niskayuna, which has a sign along the road.

There is a trailhead with information as you enter the preserve.

You can download the full size trail map (here).  The trails add up to about 2 miles, and are easy to follow through the woods.

The trail was well-marked all along the way.

I could tell right away that this is a well-traveled traveled trail.  We had tried to come here earlier this spring a couple times, and the traffic was backed up onto the road.  The trail itself is definitely worn, but despite that being the case, it was maintained.

The muddy areas all seemed to have alternate trails, planks, etc., and the only hazards really seemed to be that there were lots of exposed roots, so I recommend watching your step.  There were several places where you could easily catch your toe or foot on a root and trip.

The Lisha Kill Natural Area trail meanders through the woods.  The Nature Conservancy website lists this preserve as an old-growth forest, and there are indeed lots of large, old trees to enjoy in the scenery.

There are some steeper sections, but not a whole lot of elevation change.

We were excited to see that there were some flowing streams.

At one point I thought we had missed our opportunity to go down to the stream, which was down a steep precipice, there was another opportunity to go down to the water.

We enjoyed hiking the Lisha Kill Natural Area. The trails here add up to about 2 miles, and it was an easy walk for our family.

Visit the Nature Conservancy Preserve website for more information.


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