One of the hardest things you can do is a kids room remodel. 

Sure, it may sound fun at first, but putting yourself in your kid’s shoes is a lot harder than you think. And that is why so many people fail when they try to make the perfect space for their kids. 

And I’m not talking about furnishing a room for a newborn. This is relatively easy to do. You refurnish the room in a way that will be comfortable for you, and the only thing that’s really for the baby is some play space and toys. 

childrens mattress

For a grown kid, however, things are a bit different. They’re always changing, growing, having new interests, and a thousand other things. Worse so, it feels like they’re changing every week. So, how do you furnish a room for kids? Once you start, it seems like mission impossible. 

But fret not. There’s a secret to it most parents don’t even think about, and exactly because of this their kid’s room remodels are nothing spectacular. So, let’s get started with it! We don’t have all day to spend here. 

The bed is much more important than you may realize, so make sure you invest in a good one. 

Kids spend a lot of time in their beds. 

Whether they’re sleeping, laying, jumping, or just being kids one thing is sure — your kid will spend thousands of hours on their bed before changing it for a new one. 

So, you should invest money in it. And ask them what they prefer. A kid five and up can say what feels comfortable. Maybe they’re a side sleeper, so try and get them the best mattress for side sleepers you can find.

Or maybe they want a firmer mattress. The thing is, you won’t know before you ask, so ask. 

Get your kid and go to the mattress store before purchasing. Which leads us to… 

Your kids should have an input on how they want their room to look and feel, so always make this a collaborative process. 

Yes. That’s the secret, and it couldn’t be simpler. 

When you’re spending so much money to make your kids room feel perfect, you’re making it for them. So why wouldn’t you ask for their input on the matter? 

Plan with them. That’s the secret. Get them in on the process and let them run wild. Get as many ideas as possible from them. You don’t have to buy everything, but you will have a pretty solid start, to begin with. 

Sift through and see what you can afford, what you think will fit in nicely, and what they want the most. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to make something amazing out of this. 

It’s important to think with the future in mind, so plan for what your kids will need in the future as well.

As we mentioned in the beginning, kids change. 

They grow and find new things they like, and they have new hobbies. It’s really one of the amazing things of being a parent, but it can be hell when you’re trying to make a kids room that will be something your kid enjoys spending time in for the next 3 to 5 years.

In other words, you have to plan for the future

Let’s say your kid is five. An amazing age, but in just five short years they will be ten years old. And that second half of turning ten, oh it goes by so fast. 

They start going to different sports, they like completely different things, and they want to express it everywhere, so make sure the room you create will be somewhat relevant in the next five years. You don’t have to get everything right, just most of it. 

A kids room should be a mixture of creativity and functionality. 

We briefly mentioned this somewhere above. 

A kids room should be the perfect mixture of creativity and functionality. And if you think about it, your kid will do the creative part, you can make sure everything is functional, and you have enough storage, there’s enough playroom, and you can easily adapt their room to your kid’s new needs in the near future. 

Don’t be afraid to use colors and add a bit of magic when necessary. 

Colors can be a fantastic way to introduce some magic in your kid’s room if they’re younger. While there’s no such thing as old enough for magic, make sure you’re keeping it appropriate to the child’s age. 

You can use both lights and colors to give a bit of character to the room.