There’s no place like home. That old cliché still feels right to pretty much every homeowner out there. However, many people who own their own house will want to remodel and certainly redecorate over time. We make changes when we want to freshen things up, or when we need to accommodate for a major life event — like having a child.

If this is your first child, you probably haven’t taken the steps to baby-proof your home and make it feel more like a space for your family, versus a space for just you and your partner. However, it’s super necessary that you take extra precautions and make your home safe for children, as well as fun!

Here are five tips that will help you make sure your home is kid-friendly.

Learn to be a kid again

One of the best ways to make your home more welcoming to kids is to find your inner child. This can mean several things. Putting up a chalkboard or designating a wall to color on can be a fun way to get your kids to explore their artistic side. You’ll probably find that a few adult guests might try their hand at adding to the wall. This could also mean decorating certain rooms and spaces with a younger crowd in mind. A dinosaur toothbrush holder or a few soccer-ball-shaped bean bag chairs can liven up any space, and they’re not expensive to purchase.

Give them a space to themselves

Not only do you want to incorporate some elements into your home that indicate a child is welcome there, but giving them their own space can go a long way in making it kid-friendly. This safe space allows kids to have a say in what is in their room and gives them a location to really be themselves. To really encourage this idea, you can always buy or make a “fort” in which your kid can read or play with their toys.

Have an awesome and safe backyard

Outdoor time is important for both kids and adults. The ability to have fresh air, room to run, and enjoy nature is super important. Swing sets and large yards all make for happier children. However, it’s smart to have a proper safety fence in place when allowing your kids to play outside.

A great way to really make an outdoor space stand out is with a swimming pool. Parents can make the pool area accessible to young children as well as maintain pool safety. Simple additions like a pool safety fence minimize the risks associated with owning a pool. With over 20 years of experience, PoolGuard knows how to provide the strongest, most high-quality, and safest pool products so that you and your family will always feel safe. Since kids are kids, they’ll be running around the yard, and you can’t always watch them. By having a sturdy spool safety fence, you don’t have to stress that they’ll accidentally fall or injure themselves in or around the pool.

Make sure nothing in your home can hurt your child.

If you own a wobbly bookcase, replace it. Sometimes smaller children will use furniture as a way to prop themselves up, and if the piece of furniture isn’t sturdy enough, it can fall and severely injure them. If you feel like the stairs are risky, get a baby gate — the same goes if don’t want your kid crawling down to the basement. Cover sharp corners, and at least until your kid is mature enough to be responsible, hide valuable items that can easily break, like vases.

Obviously, if you own any weapons, you’ll want to make sure they’re secured and locked away.

Create strong family spaces

The are several rooms in a home that people tend to gather, such as living rooms, outdoor patios, and kitchens. Kitchens are an important fixture in your home, since that’s where your family will gather to make and eat food together — every day.

Having the kitchen of your dreams is more than just for cooking. If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, google “Kitchen Distributors kitchen designer” which will lead you to Kitchen Distributors’ website. Check out KD’s roster of expert kitchen designers who have years of experience and can guide (and lead) your kitchen remodel so that you’ll end up with a kitchen you and your family will truly love and want to spend time in.