It is not a secret that women are in a great disadvantage when it comes to weight loss compared to men. This is because women have higher fat percentage and lower muscle mass than men. Though this is a known fact, this should not be a reason for women to embrace the fat suit. As discriminating as it may sound, but life is harder if you are fat; you may not qualify for insurance, you’ll find it harder to get a good paying job, and you’ll have lower self-esteem. 

Moreover, once you lose weight, it might be more difficult to make sure it stays off. Sometimes you might lose weight easily, and have a hard time keeping it off, whereas sometimes you might struggle very hard to lose weight, and thus might not put it back on as you have been through such hard times and won’t do that again.

We have traced trends amid those who lose weight fast, and thus have decided to give you 3 wonderful tips to help you lose your weight. With these 3 wonderful tips to help you lose weight will make everything else look like pudding. That’s true; they are so simple to follow that you will easily lose five to ten pounds within the first fifteen days. For that reason, this article provides weight loss tips for women of all ages.

Tip #1 Eat foods low calorie foods

The best way to manage your weight is to eat foods with lower calories. Weight loss does not happen when you reduce the amount of food that you consume, but it could occur if you reduce the amount of calories you consume daily. This is quantity vs. quality; eating 1 kilogram of vegetables could only add 100 calories to your weight but a piece of (approx. 100 grams) of chocolate moist cake with frosting could already account to 450 calories. That means eating a kilogram of vegetables is healthier compared to 100 grams of cake.

Tip #2 Play like a kid

Kids love to play. They could go on all day without rest, thus the reason why toddlers loses the baby fat fast. However, since you’ll look weird playing hopscotch in your front lawn, try finding other activities that are appropriate for your age. You can go biking or running around the neighborhood or in the park, swimming in a nearby beach, or play sports like volleyball. The idea is to be as active as kids so you too can lose weight just as fast.

Tip #3 Multitask

One of the amazing things women do that men can’t is to multitask. Women can cook, take care of the baby, watch TV, and talk over the phone all at the same time with great precision. Use this to your advantage by inserting a bit of exercise while you do other things. Personally, I enjoy talking to my BFF over the phone while I’m on a treadmill because it allows me to shift my attention from the treadmill to the phone.

These easy and fast weight loss tips could also be applicable for the male gender. The key ingredient for all the tips to work is commitment and determination. Without these two factors, people give up even before they start their weight loss regimen.