Vacation rentals (VRs), also known as short-term rentals (STRs), are places that offer accommodation to guests in a residential space, usually a house or condominium. Since the rise of hotels, STRs started to lose their grip on the market. But as online booking services surfaced and grew in popularity, people became more interested in vacation rentals. Seeing how beautiful and breathtaking the locations are, it’s no surprise these homes are often fully booked, especially during summer.

But this is not the only reason why people prefer residential occupancy.  Often, it comes down to something like a budget or accomodating a large group. A vacation rental is perfect for a family vacation, and you can still book your luxury couples trip to Amanyara Turks and Caicos for another time. Here are some reasons why vacation rentals are perfect for families.

How Are Vacation Rentals Better Than Hotels?

Offers Exclusivity

When you rent a vacation rental, the whole place is yours during the stay. You don’t need to share the space with other guests and this gives you the privacy and comfort you need. If you choose Hilton Head vacation rentals, you can enjoy the relaxing ambiance without anyone ruining the vibe.


Another thing that tourists love about STRs, especially vacation rentals in Florida, is the affordability. When you travel as a family, you will probably require to book more than one room in hotels to accommodate everyone. This is more costly compared to renting vacation homes. Believe it or not, you can save more than 30% of your budget by renting STRs. In addition, the whole place would be yours, and you’d have more time to bond as a family. 

Homey and comfortable

Vacation houses offer a homey vibe. In hotels, the staff is in charge of almost everything, including your meals and activities. People usually feel limited because commodities and activities are defined by the hotel. But if you rent STRs such as oceanfront vacation rentals, you can do whatever you want, as long as it does not violate any of the establishment’s policies. You choose and cook your own food, choose the channel, and plan your activities according to your preference. 

Equipped with amenities

Most vacation homes are equipped with cooking materials such as stoves, ovens, and grills. They even come with their own set of utensils. Some have washers and dryers to make chores easier for you. It’s the perfect escape from your stressful schedule. Indeed, check out these vacation rentals for sale that are up for grabs. This way, you can have a permanent place to stay over the weekends—no more bookings required!  

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Vacation Rental

Choosing the right property is a meticulous process. You need to find an establishment according to the following factors:


This is the most important factor to consider before booking vacation rentals. Make sure that your budget includes home rental fees and other miscellaneous expenses, including your food, fare, activities and other needs.

Reputability of the rental source

Since the process of choosing a vacation home has gone mostly digital, it’s easier to assess the reliability of the host. You can also check for comments and concerns from previous tenants on social media and other business websites. This can give you a rough idea about the quality of service offered in each establishment.

Security of the location

Do not rent a house just because of its appearance and ambiance. See to it that it is located in a safe neighborhood where criminality and accident rates are low. This will provide you with comfort and security you need during your stay. Before you choose, research more about the location of STRs to ensure the safety of the environment. 

Types of Vacation Rentals

There are several types of vacation homes to choose from. Two of the most popular destinations include mountain lodges and beach houses.

Tourists choose mountain lodges if they want a house overlooking the snow-capped mountains and surround nature. This place is for people who want to enjoy a cooler climate, so they can relax and unwind with their families. It is perfect for people who love winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Beach vacation rentals, on the other hand, are perfect for people who need warmth. In these locations, you can enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery and participate in various water activities such as boating, surfing, and swimming.

If you have an extra budget and want to buy timeshare vacation rental, it could be a great start for you and your family. It would guarantee you to use a vacation property for a week. You can even let your friends or family use your timeshare for free or offer it at a charity auction. In the long run, if you want to cancel your timeshare because you can’t afford the maintenance fee, you can ask for advice from a trusted timeshare cancellation company.

Enjoy Your Vacation!

Now you know why people are crazy about vacation rentals. Not only do they offer a fun experience but also a homey and comfortable vibe that allows busy individuals to rest and break free from stress.

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