There’s a saying that goes, ‘the devil makes work for idle hands’. This means that boredom can lead us to do destructive, non-beneficial things. For the majority, the first port of call to dispel a bout of boredom is to whip out their phone and waste hours going through social media; or to binge television shows that they’ve already seen twenty times before. 

So, instead of wasting time when we’re bored how about trying some of these tasks which can boost productiveness, make us feel more fulfilled, and perhaps earn us a little bit of money too. 

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Fill Out Online Surveys 

A good way to fill some time, and put lulls in the day to good use, is to fill out online surveys. Many businesses need surveys to be filled out to help them learn more about their potential audience as well as opinions on current products, and because this information is so important, they even offer payment for the time spent filling out a form. Each survey can take about 5 minutes to complete and can pay anywhere between $2-$5 a survey, which can add up if you put a good amount of time into it. You can find the best surveys and most lucrative ones at which can help you both erase boredom and earn a nice little bit of pocket money too. 

Learn Something New 

When you’re bored, a good thing to do is to invest in yourself and learn something new to enhance your knowledge and make you a more well-rounded person. There are so many different things you can learn too, such as a new work-related skill, a new piece of information or just some random facts. Additionally, unlike school, you can learn whatever you want meaning that you can research something you’re actually interested in which can be really fun too. Some things you can do to help you learn includes: 

  • Reading a book – this can be fiction or non-fiction as either will be sure to teach you something new. 
  • Go through an online course. There are many online demonstration videos that can help you learn how to do something new. A great platform that can help you learn new things is Skillshare, as there is a wide array of lessons from a whole host of topics taught by a  variety of experts. 
  • Review an article. Reading up on an informative article is a great way to make use of your boredom and can help you keep on top of current affairs. 


Planning your ongoing week or month is a great use of time and can really help dispel the feeling of boredom while also making you feel more focused and in control. There are many different ways you can plan things, such as creating a bullet journal that organizes all your key tasks and what you need to do, or you can use a simple calendar and write down important deadlines. 

You can also work on your finances and create a budget which can help you spend money more wisely and help keep you in control. Keeping a spending diary is a great way to monitor where your money is going and can help you spend less in the future.