While we enjoy the last few weeks of sun, it is also the perfect time to begin the tasks required before the colder weather sets in. In fact, it makes sense to do several maintenance jobs at the end of August to the beginning of September. Read on to find out what they are. 

Turn on the heat

Now, you may think that turning your heat on at the end of summer is a very inefficient way to live. However, there is a distant advantage to doing this. This is because by turning your heat on very low, you can prevent your pipes from freezing. This is important because frozen water expands in pipes and bursts them. Something that causes them to leak once the temperature goes back up. Unfortunately, a burst pipe could cost you a lot of money and hassle to repair, not to mention untold damage to your home decor and property. 

Fortunately, you won’t need to sit there with your heating in full blast all day and the end of the summer. Instead, an hour a day as the temperature starts to fall will be enough to keep your pipes in good working order. 

Just be sure not to turn off your heating altogether during the colder months if you go away. The reason being that this can also cause significant issues with bursting and freezing. Not a situation that you will want to deal with on your return. 


Every property has guttering to catch rainwater and direct it away from walls and roofs. This is because steel guttering is essential for preventing unnecessary leakage and protect your property from damp and rot. 

Unfortunately, gutters do tend to get filled with debris and leaves. Something that leads to them becoming blocked and not working correctly. With that in mind, it is smart to check your guttering at the end of the summer. 

You should check and clear any gutters of leaves and make sure that the birds haven’t made a nest in your gutters. The good news is that once you have completed this task, you can make your life easier by installing gutter cages. These will prevent leaves and debris from building up in your guttering. Something that means you won’t get any nasty leaks that could cause you problems later on. 

Finally, if you are not too fond of working at height, you may want to hire a professional gutter cleaner from fivestarpw.com. Of course, they will be equipped with all the right tools and ladders, which will make the job safe and fast. 

Your driveway 

A few potholes in the driveway may not seem like a big deal in the summer. However, once they fill with water and freeze over in the winter, it can be a totally different story. 

To that end, it’s best to get outside while the sun is still shining and inspect your driveway. Look for holes, cracks, and weeds that could become a problem later on. Make sure you repair what you can ahead of the colder weather. You will be glad you did when you have to maneuver your vehicle from your drive to the road once it gets rainy, icy or the snow starts to fall.    

Clean your chimney 

Rushing around, trying to find a sweep that will come and clean your chimney once the weather has gotten cold can be a nightmare. For that reason, it’s a much better idea to clean your chimney earlier on in the year. 

In fact, by cleaning your chimney at the end of summer, you can access two main benefits. The first is that as soon as the temperature starts to fall, you will be ready to light a cozy fire. While the second is that as the wind begins to pick up, you won’t have to worry about ash fallout, as your chimney stack will already be as clean as possible. 

You can even have a go at cleaning your chimney yourself if you like. Just be sure to invest in some telescopic equipment so you can be sure to get to all those hard to reach places where soot may be hiding. 

Check and repair your roof

You absolutely do not want to enter the colder season with a roof that has poor structural integrity. This is because not only will it be unsafe, should it snow or storm, but the chances of it leaking are also high. 

That is why one of the most essential tasks for the end of summer is checking your roof. Once you have looked it over, you can get a professional Roofing Company to do any necessary repairs. The latter being the safest option when working at heights. 

Of course, by going into autumn and winter with a roof in good condition, you can be safe knowing that you will stay dry and warm no matter what the weather throws at you. Something that is pretty vital, especially for folks living in locations where winter gets extreme. 

Check your plugs 

Finally, before the bad weather rolls in, it is smart to check all your plugs and power points. After all, your electrical circuits may not get such heavy use in the summer due to the time spent outside. However, as autumn hits, their usage can significantly increase, mainly if you use additional heaters and electric blankets. 

What you need to watch for here is small bur or black marks around the plug sockets that indicate shortages. Be sure that plug plates are correctly screwed in as well, and that switches are not loose. 

Finally, where possible, you may wish to install on-off wall switches. This is because they can provide two significant benefits. The first is that they are safer because you can stop electricity flowing to your devices even while they are still plugged in. While the second is that they prevent vampire energy usage. That is the drawing of energy while your appliances aren’t being used. Something that can help you save energy and money over the colder seasons.