In a fun new collaboration, three-time Grammy nominee Brady Rymer has collaborated with acclaimed UK-based artist David Gibb to create “Songs Across the Pond”, a collection of music created as friends.  A unique aspect of this album is the creation of songs, since the artists had to work in non-traditional ways (instead of in-person, in a recording studio).

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There are so many great themes in this album, from friendship to celebrating home towns. This is such a feel-good collection of songs, and is perfect for families to enjoy together.  The tunes are catchy and fun, and something I could enjoy on long road trips with the kids.

I was born and raised on Long Island, and Rymer’s home town of Southold takes me back to my childhood.  It is fun to hear Brady and Gibb celebrate the similarities and differences of their hometowns in their song “Two Towns”:

This is such a nice album to enjoy especially during pandemic times. What a great story of two friends coming together virtually across the Atlantic to create this collection of songs for families!

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