You must know salads are beneficial, right? Whenever we decide to be on a diet, the very first thing that appears in our mind is to opt for salads. But what if we tell you that salad can’t be the best choice always for preventing obesity?

Review Your Salad Choice

Consider the following example to understand this notion better:

Suppose that you eat a Chicken Caesar Salad that contains cheese, salad dressing, croutons, and chicken (of course). Do you expect to lose a few lbs. after consuming such salad? Obviously, no! You can get 1,010 calories and can gain 76 grams of fat by eating such a salad.

On the contrary, a Chick-fil-A Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad can help you to achieve your diet goals as it contains 230 calories only and has 6 grams fat.

So, we conclude that salads loaded with creamy dressings, cheese, mayonnaise, fried chicken strips, red meat etc. aren’t better than cheeseburgers, fries, and pizza that you forbid while being on a diet.

How Salads can prevent obesity?

Now you must be wondering how salads can help you to fight against obesity. Worry not; we have covered that for you!

If you are putting enormous efforts to shed some weight or you are just building a strong shield against obesity, make a few changes in your salads.  

Starting your meal with a green monster salads can be the best choice if your goal is not to gain weight anymore. Recent research has proven this that if your first course has low calories, it will enhance the feeling of fullness and you will consume fewer calories while eating the rest of the meal. You have to consume salad in large quantity or volume to feel have a feeling of fullness. But in terms of calories, it should be very small. To attain this goal, add more veggies, fruits and decrease the quantity of dressing and other fats.

Make your salad diet-friendly by adding a variety of vegetables, beans, colourful fruits, seeds and nuts. For even better results, try fresh herbs and leafy greens like spinach, Arugula (rocket), Bok choy (Chinese chard), Collard greens (collards), Dandelion greens, Kale. Their darker leaves indicate better nutritional benefits. Also, they are a good source of minerals such as iron and contain fibre.  

You can also add broccoli, mushrooms, grapefruits, and roasted vegetables to your diet as they have been tried and tested for their low fat and extra fibre properties. You can take control of your weight and cholesterol level by adding fibres to your diet. Fibres that you can commonly find in chia seeds, boiled black beans etc. can also help in better digestion.

How to Make Best Diet-Friendly Salad?

Okay, now when you know what are the right ingredients for a diet-friendly salad, see for fruits and vegetables at Oasis. Buy fresh and high-quality fruits, veggies and your favourite fibres and make your own salads. No one can stop you from being healthy, fit and happy!