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Brave, epic, and courageous—badass characters will inspire your little girl to be bolder. That’s why helping her choose the best Halloween costume that takes after her idol is king. Of course, funny, scary, and sweet girls Halloween costumes are always prevalent when October 31st nears.

Ranging from fighting monsters to the daily annoyances of the real world, these cool girls can do anything. When you wear these outstanding girl Halloween costumes, you feel unstoppable. Although you will never be able to make yourself invisible or leap over buildings, you are sure to have an absolute blast on Halloween. Whether you are flying solo or enjoying the 2020 Halloween in a group, here are the popular Halloween girl costumes for 2020:

PJ mask owlette

You can transform you, little girl, into one of the capes bearing members with PJ mask owlette Halloween girl outfits and costumes. Though she will not have that ability to see through the dark, launch air gusts, or fly, she will have a moment of excellent creative play.


Daring, Dashing, and darling descendant girl Halloween costumes will make your kid instantly get into their fantastic character. Whether they are thinking of enjoying some evil plans or just doing casual tricks, descendant Halloween costumes like Uma, Audrey, and Mal are the perfect fit!


Today, Mulan is celebrated as one of the outstanding role models for young girls—indicating that it is refreshing to be daring and brave. Let your young girl elicit her inner braveness with this amazing Halloween costume. Add shoes and a wig to complete the Mulan look.


Imagine you had that power of creating ice and snow! In a blink of an eye, you’ve turned anyone or anything into a freezing block of ice. Imagine the shock that Princess Elsa went through when she accidentally set her entire kingdom as well as her sister’s heart into snow with the magic. This is what you want your girl to feel with these Halloween girl costumes.


No matter the occasion, disguise is always right. The moon is out, Halloween is here, it’s time for howling fun. When your daughter instructs that she need a wild Halloween costume, make sure that she looks that fierce with wolf Halloween costumes.


If your little girl likes spells and magic, it could be fantastic if you brought her one of the horror witch girl Halloween costumes.


Fancy yourself as a blood-sucking vampire. If your daughter is into vampire movies, make her feel exactly that this Halloween with a wide range of vampire girl costumes. Whether you want her to experience a scary or creepy experience, vampire Halloween costumes are the way to go. For instance, the immortal vampires and fever vampires are a guarantee to get your daughter’s friends’ blood hot. Whatever the vampire Halloween costume that you go for, complete the looks with plenty of fake blood and a set of vampire fangs.


It is like the movie producers are bringing only the young girls’ favorite female superheroes to life through the big screens. From Wonder Woman, Mrs. Incredible, Captain Marvel from the Incredibles, and Gamora featured in the Galaxy, there are many female characters that your little ladies identify with.

This Halloween lets your daughter pay tribute to her favorite butt-kicking and a world-saving hero with the superhero girl Halloween costumes.

Wonder women

If you want your daughter to unleash her inner superhero, the perfect way of doing it is through one of the wonder women Halloween costumes. Coming in different sizes, you will find the costume that is perfect for your girl.

Remember to complete the look with a shield and a golden lasso, since Diana Prince would also never indulge in any battle without these tools—and neither should you!

Scary Costumes

Of course, Halloween is not complete without scary moments. Horror and Halloween go hand in hand. Whether your daughter feels like channeling her favorite creepy characters from the Disney Junior movies or going with the traditional zombies, there are several frightening girl Halloween costumes for you to guide her into choosing. Let her bring those Halloween makeups, including fake blood, creepy masks, and dead eyes, to scare her friends and even strangers. Scare up some fun with spooky Halloween costumes that will convert your little girl into Halloween queen.

Final Thought

I hope you have gained insights that will help you choose the best girl Halloween costumes this year. Before you settle in any of the categories above, it’s advisable to learn what your daughter loves watching or doing. Have fun this Halloween and stay safe!