Health insurance is necessary considering the increase in the cost of medical care and the several diseases that crop up every day. We live in harsh economic times, and it would be a bonus if you had a financial backup in the event of a medical emergency.

Life is filled with uncertainties, and the best investment that you could make is to insure your health and be financially stable during medical emergencies. Here are four reasons that should convince you to apply for medical insurance cover.

1. It Helps Cover the Rising Medical Costs

If you are uninsured, you will have to foot all the bills by yourself, and with the rising medical costs, you might end up spending all your life savings in case of a medical emergency. With an insurance cover, you will pay less for all the services provided by the healthcare facility. 

Studies have shown that most Americans rely on their life savings when they are faced with medical emergencies. Health care experts from HealthyMarks would advise anyone to evaluate and enroll in Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Part D prescription drug plans. Besides, with an insurance cover, medical emergencies won’t affect your savings or plans since the insurance company covers part, if not all, of the treatment cost. 

2. It Helps Take Care of One’s Health

Most people have the misconception that health insurance is only meant for people who stand a chance of developing chronic illness. Well, that’s a lie, and you should know that health insurance covers are also ideal for healthy people. With an insurance cover, you are entitled to receiving several preventive services from your health care provider. The preventive care services will be offered free, provided that you have an insurance cover. 

3. It Helps Prevent Bankruptcy

Over the years, several Americans have filed for bankruptcy due to the expensive cost of medical care. Without insurance, you will have to foot all bills by yourself. However, it’s important to note that the insurance cover places a limit on medical bills, and therefore, it helps reduce your chances of going bankrupt. Health insurance plans have provisions for a maximum out of pocket payment, co-pays, and maximum deductibles. With such plans, you will save lots of money during a medical emergency, and the chances are high that you won’t tap money from your savings account. 

4. Other Benefits

With a health insurance cover, you will receive benefits such as cover for vaccination expenses, health checkup coverage, daycare surgery coverage, and ambulance service coverage. Besides, you will receive free HIV screening, folic acid supplements when you are pregnant, TB screening, free contraceptives, STI screening, cholesterol screening, among other free services.

Medical emergencies are unprecedented events that could have a significant effect on your finances. Medical insurance covers will help you cover the cost of medical bills; therefore, you will get to spend a short time in the hospital. With insurance covers, you are also entitled to free medical checkups; therefore, you will live a healthy life. With the increased cost of medical care, it would be wise to sign up for a medical insurance cover that protects you from future life uncertainties.