Today, mental wellness has come up in a lot of discussions regarding overall well-being. People have begun to take mental health seriously just as they take good care of the rest of the body. You might think it’s kinda difficult to take care of your mind since you can’t jog it off or go out and treat it with a smoothie. But in reality, you can, keeping your mind healthy can be achieved by taking care of your body first.

Here are ways to maintain the health of your mind over time:

1. Enough Rest

This is the most important tip because it’s one of the most overlooked parts when we talk about maintaining mental health. People, nowadays, would lose sleep because intentionally or not, they’d end up wallowing in their worries at night rather than get some much-needed sleep. 

One of the indicators that you’re not feeling fine mentally is the lack of sleep. Your inability to get a good night’s rest is a result of a lot of factors. It can be psychological, external, or physical. Regardless of the reason, you will need to take control by first getting the necessary number of hours of rest.

If you’re regularly having a rough day physically and mentally, it can help to have a sort of ritual before going to bed to get some quality shut-eye.

  • Two hours before bedtime

At this point, you might want to start to unwind to get your mind from the troubles of your day. Try having a nice bath, to relax your mind and body, it can also lower your body temperature which promotes sleep.

  • One hour before bedtime

An hour before bed is a good time to switch off your gadgets and other devices that can go against having a quality sleep.

  • Thirty minutes before bedtime 

It’s important to take things slowly in order to fall asleep easily. You can slow down by doing some reading or turning on some soothing music.

2. Diet and Exercise

As mentioned above, maintaining mental health is achieved by keeping your body healthy. Getting regular exercise and a balanced diet will keep your body fueled properly and keep your mind sharp.

Studies have shown that those who do regular exercise are less likely to experience mental deterioration. You might also want to include mental exercises in your regimen. Keeping your mind sharp by engaging it with puzzles, reading, and other mental challenges. Watching TV does not support mental stimulus as it is a passive activity.

3. Take Supplements

Your brain is one of the most fascinating organs in the body, if not the most, but it can also get overwhelmed either with age or the constant mental strain. You can get some valuable benefits from brain supplements to prevent “glitches” as a result of constant stress. There are a lot of supplements out there that claim to be some magic pill, just be careful and try to get to know about these products. It is advisable to consult your physician if you’re thinking about taking supplements.

4. Learn How to Express Yourself

Expressing yourself is one way of coping with mental stress. Having somebody to talk to or just a way to relieve yourself from what is burdening you is important to maintain your mental health. Find opportunities to connect with your family, your community, or with nature, although some people prefer to be solitary, it can lead to brain atrophy which could be disastrous later on.

If you feel that you’re losing grip on your mental health, it is vital to seek professional help immediately. As we age, there may be changes in our body that will affect our faculties, the tips above will help you lower the risk of dementia or other degenerative diseases. Keeping our mind sound is the key to enjoying relationships that we built over the years, thus taking care of our mind should be at the top of our priorities.