The level of testosterone in men is much higher in comparison to women. It is responsible for puberty & achieving fertility. Apart from driving impulses, testosterone plays a massive role in building bone mass & body hair. 

On average, the optimum level of testosterone is 300-1200 nanograms/deciliter. When testosterone level drops below 300 ng/dL, we call it low testosterone level (Low-T). The testosterone level decreases as you age. But this only occurs after 35-40 years of age. If someone has a significant decrease in testosterone before reaching 30, they need to consult a doctor and look for treatment, such as the Craft Mens Clinic.

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Doctors and researchers have found various side effects arising due to low-T.

The following points indicate the common side effects of low testosterone in men.

Primary Side Effects Of Low-T  

There has been plenty of doubts over the many problems that occur due to low-T. These are:

1. Decreased Sex Drive

Sexual impulse is directly associated with testosterone. With the decrease in testosterone levels, men lose interest in having sex or being attracted to sexual desires. 

Naturally, men lose fertility with aging. But that age barrier comes when you reach 50. Before 50, you won’t have issues with libido. If you notice a premature loss of interest in sexual desires, then you should consult with your doctor & test your testosterone level.

Generally, people take supplements to raise testosterone levels. But some of these supplements may cause side-effects. People nowadays have opted to buy Tongkat Ali and similar herbal remedies as safer alternatives to traditional supplements.

2. Loss Of Body Hair  

Losing body hair is also one of the primary symptoms of low-T. People go bald with aging. Like the sex drive, this age barrier is also close to the 40s. After 40 years of age, losing lots of hair is natural in men. 

But it is of grave concern if you notice the excessive hair loss even when you are much younger than 40. The lower level of testosterone is to blame for this unwanted situation.

3. Alarming Decrease Of Bone Mass

Testosterone plays a crucial role in maintaining our bodily mechanism. Testosterone provides necessary nutrients to the bones. These nutrients further help the bones to have a perfect muscular density. 

Because of the inadequate testosterone level in your body, your bone mass will become a lot thinner. The misconception here is that people misjudge low-T with being slim. Being slim doesn’t advocate losing your muscular shape. So, be sure to check on that.

4. Encountering Erection Problems

Ejaculation of sperm occurs when you reach a climax whilst having sex. Hormonal issues or low testosterone can lead to problems maintaining an erection for an extended period required to have climactic sex with your partner. This problem can be exacerbated by excessive masturbation or poor levels of physical fitness.

Naturally, this can make it difficult to procreate or have a healthy sex life, it’s for this reason that visiting an ED Clinic Santa Monica (or elsewhere more relevant) is a popular choice for men with low T levels. Undergoing TRT can help to rectify the issue and return confidence to a man, which can in turn further improve their ability to maintain an erection.

While medication remains the primary treatment option for low testosterone, some men explore complementary approaches alongside professional guidance. There’s growing interest in the potential benefits of certain herbs, like Ginkgo Biloba, for improving blood flow and overall circulation. 

5. Hot Flashes

You experience hot flashes when the upper portion of your body becomes warmer than usual. Having a reddish face like blushing is the sign of hot flashes. Also, you may start noticing lots of perspirations on your face. 

Hot flashes occur on the upper body parts of the body like neck, chest & face. Like all those mentioned before, hot flashes also follow an age pattern, which is close to 45-50. Before hitting 45, there are little chances of having hot flashes. 

So, what’s the reason if you have hot flushes? Exactly! Your testosterone level is dropping down significantly.

Secondary Side Effects Of Low-T Or Hormonal Deficiency

These side effects are arguable. Some people say these are happening because of the low-T. While others deny & hold the hormonal deficiency responsible for these side effects. 

Hormonal deficiency occurs with aging when you reach 40. The level of hormones in your body tends to get drained by then. As a result, you can identify various symptoms in your body due to hormonal deficiency.

Though no firm evidence has come out yet to support either party, we will be discussing some, giving the benefits of doubt:

1. Sleeping Issues & Amnesia

Like I said before, these side effects may occur due to various reasons. But studies have also found that low-T directly or indirectly affects your sleep. 

If you are a 9-5 guy, often exercise, eat healthily, and are not suffering from anxiety or depression then you shouldn’t have any issues sleeping. But if you are having trouble & often forget important things, low-T may be the culprit. 

Testosterone works directly with the brain. So, a lower level of testosterone means your brain is not getting enough signals to transmit. That’s when amnesia & sleeping issues occur.

2. Becoming Tired Easily

Fatigue is probably the most arguable topic of low-T. Both parties hold firm proof behind fatigue issues, but that’s inconclusive too. If you work too much, you will get tired and that is natural. 

But if you are leading a moderate working life & yet often become tired, then that’s alarming. Go & have a check-up of your testosterone level & consult with your doctors about the suitable medications. 

3. Frequent Mood Swings

If you are still in your puberty, then it’s ok. But if you have passed your teenage phase, and still face mood swing problems, that’s probably because of low-T. Testosterone affects emotions & sudden mood swings. 

4. Sudden Increase In Weight

Another adverse effect of low-T is excessive body fats. If you maintain a balanced diet, you shouldn’t worry. But if you are gaining body fats even though you don’t consume too many fatty foods, low-T may be the reason.

Doctors also pin down gynecomastia as a result of low-T. But researches have not yet shown any firm evidence regarding this accusation. 

Things to Consider While Taking T-supplementations

If you are considering the option to go for testosterone supplementations, let me clear out something first. Over the year taking supplements has not shown any real improvement. The success rate is not so astounding. Besides, you can only have supplementation if you meet the requirements of having low-T prescribed by your doctor.  

While taking the supplementations, you may notice

  •     Allergic reactions
  •     Sperm reduction
  •     Skin turning red
  •     Hematoma (blood clogged under the skin)
  •     Pain, bruising, etc.

Lastly, beware of the side effects before taking any T-supplements. 

Final Thoughts

There are supplements and then there are natural remedies to increase testosterone in your body. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and reduced stress are key factors that may over time help you recover the desired testosterone level. If you do face any of the above symptoms be sure to consult with a doctor right away.