Motivating kids to do things like brushing their teeth or eating their fruit and vegetables can be tedious, but it’s possible if you make it fun for them. No kids like doing things they perceive as boring so creating fun and entertaining ways of getting them to do these things will greatly reduce the arguments. Let’s have a quick look at a few easy ways to make hygiene fun for kids.


Brushing Your Teeth to a Song

One of those things that can be the most difficult to get kids to remember to do routinely is to brush their teeth. A practical demonstration of why this is important can help motivate them and using a boiled egg in soda for a day can help with that because you can show them how the soda will discolor and make an egg look pretty bad. Combine a practical demonstration with making brushing teeth fun and you should be off to the races. One of the favorites is to use a song to brush your teeth to – timed to how long they should brush for.  If you are looking for a good dentist, be sure to get your teeth troubles sorted here for the best services.

Reward Them for Good Habits

Many of us will remember having charts stuck to the fridge on which we would mark off each time we did something we had to do as kids. They were so widely used because they work. Using big colorful pictures of all of the tasks they should do each day and awarding gold stars, and in turn, monetary or other rewards to the completion of these tasks will motivate your kids to not only do them but do them more independently.

Fun and Themed Products

Take a walk down the selection of toothbrushes at your local store and you’re likely to see many different toothbrushes, expertly bristled by companies like Team Technologies Inc, that are themed with popular characters from kids cartoons and movies as well as fun flavors of toothpaste, or toothpaste that comes out of the tube in shapes. These kinds of themed products are available in most hygiene products – like glittery soap themed to be for unicorns might motivate your girl to wash more thoroughly.

Fun Games and Activities

It might sound like a harmless game that kids play, but things like playing Doctor can actually be quite beneficial. Play these games and while doing so, point out things that your kids can keep healthy with good hygiene practices. Have the doctor check their teeth and while doing so remind them about the importance of brushing. These sorts of games, of which there are many, are perfect opportunities to promote good hygiene habits with your kids. Gather them together for a fun game of Hygiene Charades and have them act out different aspects of hygiene – like the proper way to cough or shower.


There we have it. Five quick and easy ways to motivate your kids to get on with their chores and hygiene routine without having to fight or argue to get it done. There are many more ways, and incorporating some fun apps and technology into these ideas will make them easier to do.