I received product samples from Velvet Caviar in exchange for my honest review.

My daughter got her own phone last year, and we have been talking about getting her a new case for her upcoming birthday.  I recently discovered Velvet Caviar, which carries a variety of different phone cases and accessories.

Right away, we found a bunch of cases and accessories we really liked.  There are so many to choose from as far as designs and styles.  There are patterns, liquid cases, furry cases, you name it!

My teen picked out the Jade Marble iPhone case as well as a Panda Phone Ring for her sister.

Velvet Caviar

This Jade Marble iPhone case is so pretty!  I think it looks great on the phone and it is something I would pick out for myself (however, I was told that we can’t have matching phone cases, so there’s that!).  It was so easy to put on the phone, and the sleek design makes it easy to fit in a pocket or bag.  It isn’t bulky, and protects the phone from getting damaged.  While this doesn’t have a screen cover, it has a raised edge, and my daughter has a glass screen protector already, so it worked out perfectly.

Velvet Caviar Phone Case

My daughter has been enjoying her case, which is both cute and protective.  I love the colors and the details, and it has such a realistic stone look to it.  There are other stone style cases, and they are all gorgeous.

Velvet Caviar Phone Case

Speaking of other stone style cases, we will definitely be shopping at Velvet Caviar again.  I absolutely love this Halo Moonstone case!

Velvet Caviar

Check out how beautiful the holographic details are!  There are a bunch of different holo designs like this.

There are cases available for a variety of different phones, plus accessories ranging from rings to stickers.  Velvet Caviar is a great place to shop for yourself and also to find gifts, too.


Visit Velvet Caviar at https://velvetcaviar.com/