Chicken Preparations for People Watching Weight

Chicken may be prepared in many ways, and served along with numerous complimentary foods. However, some of the more popular ways of preparing chicken are not healthy. Following are some of the healthiest ways to cook chicken, resulting in leaner, low calorie meals. Staying away from large amounts of oil and grease, and using skinless chicken are the easiest ways to make a healthier chicken meal.

Boiling or Poaching, the Healthiest Way to Cook Chicken

Looking for something new to try in your cooking routine? Consider experimenting with chicken bone broth as a flavorful twist for boiling chicken. Boiling chicken is about as healthy as it gets. Skinless boiled or poached chicken can be delicious, and it is always healthier than preparations that require grease or oil. Hot or boiling chicken broth or water is used to cook the chicken in a pot, and this preparation results in plain old cooked chicken. This can be used in enchiladas, tacos, chicken salad, or other chicken sandwiches. When served with steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes, chicken cooked in this way is delicious healthy.

Stir Frying, One of the Healthiest Ways to Cook Chicken

Stir frying chicken is also very healthy. Small strips or chunks of skinless chicken are sauteed in a little oil, often with vegetables, in this local preparation. Stir frying chicken with pieces of bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, snow peas, and other vegetables is delicious, and very healthy. The chicken may also be prepared in this manner on its own, and eaten as it is, or used in other dishes, but however it is used, this preparation is also one of the healthiest ways to cook chicken.

Grilling is also a Healthy Way to Cook Chicken

Grilling skinless chicken on a grill is a great way to make tasty chicken, but exclude the extra fat and calories gained by frying chicken. There are many tasty ways to do this, from barbecuing the meat, to making kebabs or chicken skewers, or just seasoning it, and throwing the chicken on the grill. 

Barbecued chicken is very easy to make, as it is nothing more than chicken soaked in barbecue sauce and seasonings, and then placed on the grill. Making kebabs is also a healthy alternative to frying chicken, and when skewered with vegetables (such as bell pepper, onion, chunks of tomato, and mushrooms) a healthy, delicious chicken meal results.

Air Fried Chicken is a great way to get the taste and quality you want without adding unnecessary calories to your diet. You can use a knife to cut your chicken as thinly as possible there will still be some fat present.  What an air fryer does is use rapid air technology that circulates air within a small chamber. Because the air circulates the heat around the food, you need little to no grease or oil; which also causes the cooking process to be faster than usual. Air fryers are a more healthy option than frying and even oven cooked chicken. Not to mention it’s compact size and the fact that it looks great on a countertop. Try an air fryer with your next chicken recipe and let us in what you think.

Baked and Oven Fried Chicken, Healthier Ways to Get a Fried Chicken Taste

Baking chicken in the oven is another healthy way to cook this poultry. Though it is not as low in calories as boiled or poached chicken, it is significantly healthier than fried chicken. Skinless chicken is a better choice for those watching their weight, as the skin in chicken is very fatty, and soaks the whole of the meat with grease when it is cooked. Oven frying is also the healthiest way to fry chicken. This method of frying chicken results in poultry that tastes similar to regular fried chicken, but the preparation does not use oil, which soaks into the batter and skin of traditional fried chicken.

There are many meals that may be created by chicken prepared in these ways which may be just as tasty as fried chicken. It is important to remember that the healthiest ways to cook chicken do not include the use of a lot of oil, butter, or grease, and it is always a good idea to use skinless chicken when watching your weight.