Who doesn’t look for easy meal prep? The very next step to quick meal prep is to store food. But I would say finding the right jars for food preservation is a bit tricky. It needs a lot of inspections.

But wait. Are you in search of safer ways to ensure you can store food items or leftovers for a long time? Be it veggies, fruits, or even baked items freezing is the ideal way to preserve food retaining its nutrients.

Glass containers are an excellent solution to store and freeze any food item. It saves you time that, too, in an eco-friendly way. But I think you have heard enough of sudden glass crack or break when kept in the freezer.

I know you must be perplexed, “Can I freeze food in a glass jar?” Well, I have been using glass canning jars since I have stepped to the no waste with eco-friendly rules. And trust me; handling glass containers for freezing is the best.

All you need is a follow-up of basic tips and caution working. So, let’s learn more!

Why freeze food items in glass containers?

Well, I often use my glass blending jars to make a variety of dishes. Then I directly put it in the freezer after cooling it down. It saves time and cleaning efforts. 

Even you can do that. Don’t you have any glass blender? Check here for the best and affordable blenders with a glass jar!

The storing plus freezing benefits in jars of glass are as follows:

  • Healthy treat: Unlike the plastic material, glass contains no BPA or PVC. Thus, it makes sure that no harmful chemicals get in your food.
  • Ensures zero waste: When stored in plastic containers or bags with zip lock, you are sure to waste. But it is not the case with glass food jars.
  • Transparent: You can easily look at your food contents through the glass, having an organized freezer.
  • Recycle: Glass is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly to be used as food canning jars.
  • Ensures no contamination: Glass containers are mostly with no pores and air tights. Thus, it prevents germs from ruining your food value.
  • Food quality: Glass pot absorbs no odor and does not discolor. Thus maintains high food quality.
  • Easy to cleanse: Glass retains no stain making it easier to clean. After wash, they even dry quicker.

Basic steps to follow while freezing food in glass containers

When it comes to freezing in glass containers, glass cracks scare them the most. But if you follow my tips and act carefully, it can save you from that mess. Such as:

  • No hot item in the freezer: I suggest you make sure not to pour any hot piping item to glass and freeze. This way, you don’t face glass cracks for temperature change.
  • Cool before you pour: Cool the items at first. Hence you can get rid of freezer burn issues.
  • Fill a little less: It’s a wise choice not to fill the jars full. It is because freezing causes things to expand, and you may face a glass break.
  • Leave space: You better keep a handful of space of at least 3 cm at the top and then store in the freezer. Thus, it gives you no crack bottles. 
  • Use mason jars that have wide mouth: I would say mason jars with a wide opening is the best for freezing broth, soup, or any food item.
  • Not tight, loose cap: Tightly capped glass food jars tend to break when in the freezer. That’s why if you place the lid a little loose you can have safe freezing. But don’t forget to tighten the caps once the food items are frozen.  
  • Make room for glass containers in the freezer: My experience says that glass canning jars when placed too close with no space break readily in touch. That’s why I recommend leaving small spaces between the jars.
  • No pressure while pouring: Make sure that the entire freezing process is a little slow with no pressure. Especially the liquids should go slow to the jars and cooled for at least an hour.


Now you are sure to know how beneficial it is to store food in the glass made jars. So why go for any other storage system? Choose this eco-friendly glass container and freeze your special food items or leftovers. 

Why cook now and then? Your baby foods, pantries, and smoothies stay safe and retain its food value for a longer time when kept in glass containers within freezers!