Being a busy mother of two active kids, their extracurricular activities, managing work, the household, running a Girl’s Scout Troop & blogging. All this takes a toll on you. You are so committed to putting everything else before yourself that personal preference is just not an option. 

When I was a kid, I used to LOVE long hair. In fact, I was obsessed with long hair. Before the kids, I used to get frequent cuts and styled my hair like I wanted. Then when the short hair phase set in, getting a buzz cut was simply a bliss. I have tried it ALL and let me tell you it hasn’t been a pleasant journey. The emotional turmoil, the indecisive phase, and the aftermath. A Big No No!!

The following story is about  how I discovered that invisible clip-in hair extensions can save you from the emotional mayhem. Mothers can hardly self-prioritize when they have two kids to look after, a home to run, and no time and energy left for themselves.

My cousin got married last month and we are childhood besties. AND YES she also asked me to be her bridesmaid. I was over the moon but when I glanced at my shoulder-length hair, that’s when the blues set in. I wanted long, voluminous, and beautiful hair INSTANTLY. 

After sulking for a while, I went out and got these amazing clip-in hair extensions. It is easy to find clip on fringe for sale online. I had heard about these but never tried them. I watched a quick and easy tutorial on how to put them in your hair on YouTube. I got ready for the wedding and did my hair myself. They were hassle-free, I didn’t need to go to the salon and have them put in. I clipped them on and added loose curls with a hot rod. It was so easy, I was ready to go in no time.

So many people praised my hair and no one could tell that they were Clip-Ins. They were made from Natural Remy human hair and no-one could tell the difference when they match your natural hair color. I attended the wedding and came back home. I removed them without any difficulty and was up and about my usual routine in a flash. I went back to looking after my babies, without the worry of washing the chemicals off my hair which are used to style hair these days. 

You can get various lengths and different shades to add diversity to your hair-line. Changing your hair length in an instant and to your liking is so much easier. Embrace your youthfulness, with budget-friendly extensions that let you carry the long ponytail or fancy French braid again with confidence.

The texture of these extensions is close to natural that hardly anyone would notice they aren’t your real hair. The best thing about these detachables is that unlike keratin hair extensions, tape-Ins extensions, or micro ring extensions, these don’t need a 6-8 week maintenance. You don’t have to keep visiting the salon to get these fitted or removed. 

These aren’t the expensive, permanent extensions that come down with time and have to be adjusted. No adhesives or damaging chemicals are put in your hair. Clip-in extensions will restore the volume and length of your hair, without damaging the overall condition of your hair. What you need to do is install them and you are ready to go.

Whether you are a devoted mother or a working woman, when your hair looks good, you will feel good. These amazing hair products give you a new sense of confidence and you can style them according to the occasion. You definitely no need to wait for a year or two to grow out your hair. Get these clip-in hair extensions and transform your everyday hair into long, luscious locks. Once you get a hang of these, you will appreciate the versatility and the benefits that come with the Clip-Ins. You can even get high-lights with these clip-ins without the harmful chemicals that damage your natural hair.