There are also animal emojis available for people to use. Emojis are not only made for facial expressions but also for the pets or animals that you love. People love to use emojis, and they have made it part of their everyday life, especially when sending messages or posting statuses on social media platforms. These emojis below are some cute emojis you can share.

The Dog Face Emoji

Some choose the dog emoji for its cuteness and innocence. You can send this animal emoji to people you are close with or attach it to posts whenever you have pictures of your dogs. The cute dog emoji can also correlate to a person’s personality when a person is active, hyper, loud, and aggressive. You should use it properly in your messages or any content.

Dogs are very obedient, and they are fast in whatever they are doing. Some prefer dogs as their pets and would love to see cute images of dogs. Sending this dog emoji to a pet lover friends or family members will make their day. Simple gestures like sending them their favorite animal can add joy to their feelings. 

Aside from its level of cuteness, this emoji also has a darker and more negative meaning when it comes to behaviors. Dogs can sometimes be wild and experience a hard time managing the level of aggressiveness, which can imply a person’s personality. Be mindful whenever you attach this emoji to your messages or posts to avoid offending people. 

The Panda Face Emoji

The black and white panda is adored by many for its clumsy, clingy and loving characteristics. The panda face emoji detailed with spots of black and white and having the chubbiest cheeks of all. Teenagers use this cute and straightforward emoji of a panda animal, even in contexts that are not related to pandas. They use it whenever they feel cute or clumsy. 

The panda is an animal that seeks attention, care, and wants to feel loved by people. If you happen to know someone who has a personality of a panda that wants to feel loved all the time, you can send them this emoji to tell them they are cute and somehow similar to pandas. 

The Gray Rabbit Face Emoji

We all know that there’s a time when we celebrate Easter with our friends and families. This Rabbit is the best time that you send rabbit emojis to your family or friends if you want to greet them a happy Easter through texts, messages, or emails. Together with an egg emoji, you can send them both simultaneously to add more cuteness to it. 

This Rabbit was designed with grey and white fur with two front teeth protruding from its lips. This rabbit emoji is one of the most popularly used emoji in the collection of animals. The facial features of a rabbit can also be a way of describing a person with similar facial aspects to the animal. Thumping rabbits bring happiness to some and could make their day. 

If we set aside the cute aspects or characteristics of a rabbit emoji, it can also correlate with sexual activities. Now, you might be wondering why it is related to such activities. In real life, rabbits are sexually active, and this emoji could mean something more than just being cute if placed in a different context.

The Yellow Bird Or Chick Emoji

This golden yellow bird emoji can be sent to people if they want to tweet something on their social media. The Twitter bird is blue, but many people still use this yellow bird to describe tweeting actions. Now, you might be confused, but this yellow bird is a baby chicken. Users mistake it as a bird; that’s why they relate it with the social media platform.

The Small Hamster Emoji 

Hamster emojis can also be sent whenever people you know want to be taken care of. Hamsters bring laughter and joy to many people without even adding contexts or messages to it. If you are a person who loves hamsters, you can use this emoji whenever you update your status or share hamster-related posts online. 

Hamsters are animals that people should be extra careful with when taking care of them. This emoji implies that it can describe a person’s side of being fragile and soft. Although knowing that hamsters are softies, they can be fast and active despite them being extra vulnerable and attention-seeking.


Emojis does not only focus on faces and smileys. Developers came up with a collection of animal emojis to enjoy using them in describing personalities or sharing images of cute animals. This article showed the meanings behind each animal emoji created so that you can use it better when conversing with friends and family online, and publishing social media posts. So go ahead and make use of these cute animal emojis!