Drinking coffee has various benefits to your health and once you realize this, you will begin to appreciate the good cup of coffee you hold in your hands every morning. Some of these benefits are common, such as keeping you awake when you need to. As for the other coffee benefits, below are some of them that you probably didn’t know until now.

1. Coffee can keep your brain healthy

One of the primary benefits of drinking coffee is that it can keep your brain healthy, protecting you from mental ailments such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. In this case, perhaps this is the best time for you to start regularly using your coffee maker sitting on your kitchen counter, but that is if you haven’t yet. Otherwise, it’s time to go and get a coffee machine, but the choice between Nespresso vs Keurig can be a pretty tough one to make particularly because both offer rich-flavored coffee to perfection. Regardless of what you eventually go for, the important thing is to enjoy a cup of coffee regularly for your brain health.

2. Coffee can enhance your physical performance

People may not be aware of it, but coffee can boost your physical performance. If you have ever had a cup of coffee before your workout routine, you may notice that apart from a surge in your energy and focus, you also have an increased speed, agility, strength, and endurance. This can be attributed to the caffeine that activates certain parts of your central nervous system.  

3. Coffee can lower the risk of depression

Coffee is a beverage that can instantly lift your mood. Some studies show that having three to four cups a day can cut your risk from having depression to about 20%. Technically, this makes coffee your happy pill.

4. Coffee can help prevent chronic diseases

A daily cup of coffee can help you fight chronic diseases such as diabetes because it contains compounds that reduce insulin resistance. It can also help protect your liver because coffee has an active ingredient that prevents alcoholic cirrhosis. A cup of coffee a day can also protect you from prostate cancer.

5. Coffee can prevent blindness

Certain studies show that a strong antioxidant in coffee referred to as the chlorogenic acid prevents retinal degeneration. For this reason, it is good to have a cup of coffee to maintain the health of your eyes.

6. Coffee can help you live longer

Overall, coffee can help you live longer. There is a certain study that revealed that one to five cups of coffee a day reduced the likelihood of death among a hundred thousand people. This was due to the compounds contained in coffee that significantly lowered the inflammation levels.

Coffee is not only about keeping your senses alert, but it can keep your brain healthy, help you be more energetic, and improve your mood too. It can also reduce your risk of having certain diseases such as diabetes, and it can prevent blindness as well. Overall, drinking coffee regularly may just help you live longer.