As a parent, there sheer number of options that you have when it comes to choosing a crib for your little one can be a little overwhelming. When you consider the fact that your baby’s crib is one of the few things that they’ll use every day, you realize that this is a decision that you cannot take lightly. 

This article will outline all the crib options that are available to you. It shall then explain why portable cribs might be the right choice, as well and offering a great recommendation of one of the best portable baby crib you can buy right now. 

How many types of cribs are there?

There are 6 types of cribs:

  • Standard cradle: This is the classic wooden kind that everyone thinks about when they picture cribs. A lot of people swear by them because if made well, they can last for many years and can even become family heirlooms. They are safe and comfortable and can come with rockers, wheels, or regular legs. 
  • Bassinets: These are great for homes where space is limited. They don’t take up much space and are easy to move around. However, they have a weight limit, so you will only get some use out of them until your baby turns about 6 months old.
  • Co-sleeping cots: Also called mini-cribs, they are medium-sized cots that are designed to be used for the first few months of life. They feature 3 handrails along 3 sides, with one side left uncovered. This side is meant to be placed right next to the mother’s bed. Some of them also height adjustable and come with a way to attach them to your own bed.  
  • Functional crib: This type looks like a classic cradle but features some extra storage space at the bottom. This extra storage can also sometimes be located at the backrest. Some also feature a changing table on top of the drawers. 
  • Convertible cribs: These are cribs that can convert into a normal bed, a bench, a daybed, a sofa, or even a double bed when you add or remove some of their parts. 
  • Portable cribs: These cribs are foldable, meaning they can be dismantled and assembled at any time. They are highly practical and they can help you save a ton of space. Plus, their high portability also means that you can choose to travel with them anywhere you want with ease. 

Of all the different types of cribs, portable baby cribs will give you the most versatility. They are also the most practical, because in addition to being highly portable, they can be very functional as well. 

Most portable cribs are made with light, waterproof fabric that makes them very easy to clean and move around. They also have mesh edges to keep your baby safe, as well as removable changers that allow them to be converted into playpens. One of the sides can also be uncovered to convert them into co-sleeping cots. 

How to choose your baby’s crib

No matter what type of crib you choose to go with, your final decision should be made after carefully considering these 7 things:

  • Safety: How safe and secure is the crib?
  • Comfort: Is the crib comfortable for your baby?
  • Size: Is it the size that you want? 
  • Adaptability: Will it work as effectively in different environments?
  • Lifespan: Will it still be usable as your baby grows?
  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend on a crib?
  • Quality: What material and material quality has it been made out of?

Why portable cribs may be the best option for you

Portable cribs are great if you love convenience. Even if you’re just heading out to visit the grandparents, the fact that you can bring a familiar sleeping space with you can go a long way in giving you some peace of mind and helping your little one sleep better. You can even bring them to the park or to the beach for your little angel to nap!

They may also be the best option for you if you are the type of parent that takes comfort in knowing that their little one is in a safe, well-researched sleeping space that they have okayed. Plus, most of them can also be converted to a play space, which is absolutely godsent especially when you visit an unfamiliar place that may or may not be properly baby-proofed. 

Unlike other types of cribs, you will also be able to get a lot of use out of a portable crib. Generally, they can accommodate your little one for at least three years. By then, they’ll be ready to move on to their very own big kid bed!

Our number one recommendation

If you have been looking for one of the best portable cribs, we highly recommend the Portable Baby Bed. It is a great way to get the portability of bassinets, the versatility of co-sleeping cots, and the functionality of portable cribs, all in one package. 

You’ll also be able to set this portable baby bed up close to your own bed with one of the fences down. This makes it really convenient as you look after your little one at night: you get to get some rest and they get to be comforted. It’s a win-win!

It even comes with a locking system that will allow you to belt it close to your bed, ensuring that your little one will never accidentally move away at night without your knowledge.

Highly portable and easy to store, it can be quickly dismantled or set up as needed. It is also ultra-light and foldable, making it easy to carry around with you every time you head out. It can also be used as a safe, comfortable playing area! 

This portable baby crib is strong enough to be used by children of up to 6 years old. Here are a few more of its best features:  

  • It comes with a stable, comfy, two-layer bed
  • You can shake it over about 10 degrees, which is just the right amount of movement to soothe a baby to sleep
  • It is completely height adjustable, which means no matter how tall you are, you will be able to comfortably use it
  • It also features a convenient changing area and a storage basket that makes all those diaper changes really easy to pull off

Final Thoughts

So, are portable baby beds right for you? Well, if you are looking for all their features, then they very well just might be. If you especially go for our number one recommendation, you will not be disappointed. 

At the end of the day, though, the right crib for your will depend on your own unique set of needs. Hopefully, this concise guide has helped you make a decision that works for you. Good luck!