Babies are naturally vulnerable. They need their parent’s protection at all costs because they cannot fend for themselves yet. Parents often think that they should keep their toddlers inside the house, so they will not get sick. However, according to studies, spending time with your newborn outside the house is very beneficial and healthy. It can also help them strengthen their environmental sense. Visiting the outdoors even helps your toddler’s early speech development when they express their excitement and joy of being outdoors. Planning activities with your kids outdoors should be one of the things on your “must-do” list. Here are some activity ideas to start with:


It is a fun activity to gather your whole family outdoors and enjoy a picnic together with your baby. In this way, your child will get to experience the sunlight and enjoy your family’s chatters. It is necessary to take note that there are several times of the day that the sun gives off sunlight harmful to your kids, so make sure that you make your picnic when the sun is not too strong.

You must also make sure that your picnic area is free from choking hazards. Give your child your full attention and supervision, because they can be very curious sometimes and they put anything inside their mouths.  Being outside with your baby also means having him or her exposed to germs and bacteria. Make sure to properly sterilize the baby bottles before the next use


Take your toddlers for a walk and they will surely enjoy the fresh air. You can bring your baby in baby carriers, strollers that can handle all terrains, or you can just carry them in your arms. Taking your toddlers for a walk can improve their mood and make them calmer. They will get to see what the outside looks like and explore the surroundings.

You can also have your toddler practice walking outside. This will give them a sense of independence that can help them learn to walk faster. Objects that they see outdoors can stimulate their excitement, which can cause them to move around but will help them grow at the same time. Let them walk far distances when they can, do not limit them to a certain distance. This activity can help their bones and muscles develop much faster.

Water Tub under the Sun

It is also nice to give your baby a nice bath in a water tub under the early morning sunlight. This simple activity can make your babies happy. Splashing around in the water can also improve your babies’ balance sense and it gives you a chance to play with your child and bond together. You can play soap and bubbles together, or you can just enjoy and relax the coolness the water gives.

Outdoor activities give a lot of benefits to a child, so as much as possible, do them regularly. It is understandable for a parent to be very busy, but time with your child is also as important as any other work you are doing. Building your child’s connection and trust in you is one of the most important things you must prioritize when they are still young because once they grow older, you might not have the chance to enjoy a picnic or a walk together.