Gone are the days of flipping through flyers trying to find the best price for that new barbeque you want. The internet offers thousands of options for just about any product you can imagine, right at your fingertips. With so many items to choose from, the goal is to get the best quality product for the lowest possible price.

There are opportunities to save a considerable amount of money if you know where to look and have some tricks up your sleeve. Here are four ways that you can become an online shopping whiz and get the best deal, every time.

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1. Make money while you shop

Yes, you read that right. You can actually use your online shopping habits to make money! With platforms like Kickback.com.au, the more you spend, the more you earn with cashback rewards on all your purchases. With people opting to do their shopping online, there is huge earning potential for integrating applications like KickBack into your web browser. Your cash will continue to accumulate in your account, and you can pay it out directly into your PayPal once you hit a certain amount.

2. Do your research

Never settle for the first price you come across online. If you find a product that looks awesome and has excellent reviews, run a Google search. Just copy and paste the exact product name in to see if you can get the identical item at a reduced price. Often you can find products from big brand sites on Amazon for much less. Competitors may also sell the product at a reduced price or may have a sale on the exact product you want.

3. Hold out for holiday or end of season sales

Many companies run sales on special holidays such as Black Friday. If there is a product you are looking for, consider whether it can wait until one of the big sale days. It’s worth holding out if you can, especially if you’re looking to purchase large items such as appliances or furniture as you can save hundreds of dollars.

Similarly, plan ahead by buying items at the end of the season. Companies will jack up the price as the demand for a product increases. At the end of the season, they will usually drop prices to clear out their stock as they move into the next season.

4. Take advantage of special offers

Each company has special offers, so never buy anything without checking out what is available to you. Often you can receive a decent discount on your first order by creating an account with the site or signing up for their email list. Additionally, if you join email lists, then companies will often send you exclusive deals or discounts. Some other common special offers to look out for are BOGO deals, which are useful if you are looking for multiple items, or coupons for leaving reviews on products. You can also receive exclusive discounts through platforms like KickBack, which have access to deals you can’t find anywhere else.