If you have been in a long term relationship, there are many answers on how to keep the relationship spark. At the beginning of any relationship comes a bunch of romantic feelings doubled with excitement and happiness. If not taken care of, this happiness can fade away as the years go by. It is a very challenging period for any relationship to maintain excitement. 

If you want to learn how to fire up the dull moments together with your partner, here are some ways.

Show Interest in Your Partner’s Hobbies

Being supportive of your partner’s hobbies is sweet but this is not enough. Make an effort to understand and know the details about it. Going together to watch a favorite sport, joining her in her yoga, or going out together to watch a stage play. Being involved will make your bonding moment a time well spent together and you will get to discover new things as you both enjoy talking about the same thing. If you do this regularly, your relationship will further grow and become more interesting because it can be possible that you can share the same interest or hobby.

Make a New Tradition

Get some new ways to celebrate your occasions, go to places that you have never been before, or visit a different restaurant or cafe. These are new traditions that you can make to make a spark in your relationship because both of you will be having a new experience together just like the old days when you were just starting your relationship. Do this alone together, and make your conversations unique also. You can make your date more interesting by talking about sexy things. This manual shows some tips on how talking sexy things can be exciting for couples in a relationship. Making your conversations a little flirty than your usual talks can be exciting for both of you. Do new things together and you will discover more about each other.

Abstain From Your Devices

Admit it, you probably spend more time talking with other people on your phone than with your partner. Take away this guilt and unplug yourself from devices this also includes binge-watching. Turn off these devices and spend some time talking with your partner. This might seem a small act but your time dedicated for both of you to tell stories can reconnect you with each other again. Make this a habit and see how it will hold you both together.

Make Surprises

Who says surprises are so classic? Giving your partner something that will surprise him is a romantic act. Giving flowers, setting up a dinner in a fine dining restaurant, or tickets to a movie are some simple surprises, but it can make your partner feel that you care and still love him. Surprises can also be acts of kindness, like helping in cooking or cleaning the bathroom. There’s nothing sweeter than being thoughtful to your partner. This will make him feel how much you still care. 

Be Intimate Again

Be expressive in terms of your actions. Kissing your partner when he wakes up, holding hands in the car, or snuggling in bed can make you relive that intimate moment you had during your honeymoon. Spice it up by taking a shower together, wearing some pheromones, and give him a full-body scrub or set a date to make that honeymoon again. Make your sex life a habit, so your partner knows that you are still interested in making love. Plan these days, and you will keep your relationship burning in love.

Enjoy a Getaway to Places You Visited Together 

Have you both been dating a lot before? Then bring back these memories. This is another way of spending time together. Revisit places you have visited, have a date in that coffee shop where you usually see each other, find some fun things to do in Mexico, and try to recall the moments you had when you were there before. This will be a good venue to bring back some good old memories and help you realize that you have the excitement that you felt in the past. 

With all the constant changes happening around you, there is nothing more comforting than having a lasting relationship. Despite busy schedules, making chemistry live long by making ways to spend time together can make your relationship last longer. Make each day never a dull moment and try out intimate talks and adventures together. The key to a lasting relationship is communication, whether it be in words or actions. Let your partner know what you want or how you feel, remember even small gestures count to fire up that spark in your relationship.