Drugs are a scourge that must be rooted out. Taking drugs is perhaps the worst decision that you can make with your life and finding yourself addicted to them is a misery that cannot be expressed by any amount of words. The best solution to drug addiction is prevention; drugs are unquestionably highly addictive, and no matter what people tell you, can ruin your life.

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This page will seek to offer you six truths you will inevitably have to face when you find yourself under the thumb of a nasty drug addiction. Stay as far away from drugs as you can; they may seem cool, fashionable, and exciting, but that excitement soon fizzles out when their more insidious nature takes hold of you.

You May End Up in Rehab

You may end up in rehab if you embark on a life of debauchery and drug taking. Drug addiction treatment, while not always as luxurious and glamorous as is portrayed in movies, is certainly beneficial, and can be a great asset. If you are a parent, there are many centres of rehab where you can take your child that are more than comfortable and have a home-reminiscence to them. 

It is never too late to pursue help for your addiction, and if you are suffering as a drug user you should pursue rehab as soon as you possibly can; if you do not have the income to support rehab, then there are many government programs that offer drug users stay-in rehabilitation.

You Will Lose Your Friends

Drug addiction is a sure-fire way to lose your friends and your family. Drug addiction changes you as a person, and unfortunately, it changes the people around us as well. Drug addiction will rear its ugly head and scare away your friends and family. You will steal from them, you will lie to them, and you will convince them that you are worthless and a burden that is too troublesome to have around. Drug addiction needs no friends and it needs no family. Drug addiction is happy suffering alone in a urine-laden squat. Drug addiction is at the end of a needle.

You May Fall Ill

Drug addicts are no stranger to disease and illness. Addicts regularly find themselves suffering from bloodborne diseases, such as herpes and HIV. An addiction to a less harmful drug like marijuana regularly gives way to something much more dangerous, like codeine, which in turn leads to heroin use. When you begin using intravenous drugs, you risk infecting yourself with bloodborne diseases. On top of that, more so-called ‘harmless’ drugs, as previously mentioned, are some of the most common contributing factors to mental illness all around the world.

You Could End Up in Prison

Drug addicts quite frequently resort to crime to fund their addictions. If you find yourself suffering from drug addiction and have no money, then theft or robbery will likely be your first go-to. Unfortunately, it is often from friends and family members that drug addicts steal the most – and when ostracized from their family – graduate to more serious crimes, like armed robbery and commercial theft. Prisons around the world are filled up with drug addicts. When arriving in prison, you can expect to go cold-turkey, which in and of itself is not something an addict would ever want to do.

You Will Lose Your Job

Drug addicts can seldom maintain a steady career. If you become addicted to drugs, you can say goodbye to your job. It will not be long before you become lazy, morose, and unable to complete your work. Opening yourself up to drug addiction means struggling to work a normal career ever again, and with the temptations of drugs always on the periphery, even if you beat it, you may end up faltering and succumbing to its illustrious callings and forsaking your career in favour of its sweet and warming, albeit temporary, comfort.

You Will Lose Yourself

With all of the other points mentioned aside, perhaps the worst thing about drug addiction is that you will lose yourself. Drug addiction is a guaranteed way to lose who you truly are and transform into a nasty, vengeful, and cruel monster who cares only for their own personal pursuits.

Drug addiction will make you lose yourself. The worst loss by far is this. Losing yourself is something you can never recover from and you will always be tainted by the venom of drug addiction, no matter how much you rehabilitate or recover.

Now you know six things you will inevitably have to deal with if you allow yourself to become a drug addict. For the sake of your future and the future of your friends and family, never use drugs. They will, unquestionably, change you forever.