The summer is at its height, but let’s face the truth, not everyone is lucky to go on vacation these days. So it’s time to take a look at your home office environment and spice it up! In fact, a few quick changes may boost your productivity when Working from home even in the midst of the heatwave. Let’s check them out.

1. Desk Renewal: Summer Edition

In summer, when the daytime becomes much longer, it is crucial to get enough amount of the light that nature gives us. It goes without saying that sunlight enhances working capacity, improves well-being, and it is generally beneficial for mental health. Start with simple steps: improve your regular desk, for example, with a stand-up desk converter. This may provide you with better adjustability and free movements while working.

Color palette plays a crucial role in home office decoration. It’s recommended to alter your desk with a white one. In addition to the obviously classy look, white-colored working tables distract less, so you can throw yourself into the task.

In terms of desk design, it may be a typical computer table from the store. Or you can upgrade your grandmother’s cupboard and save lots of space at home. You should keep in mind the entire style of your home office interior to keep it solid.

2. Shift It Closer to the Light

If it is possible, move your home office closer to the window during the summertime. The reason is that working in sunlight is both more pleasant and rewarding. If the sun is too bright, you can hang temporary curtains made of the finest white fabric or even paper.

You can also consider tinting your home windows to reduce glare and maintain a comfortable working environment. It will allow natural light to enter while minimizing the harshness of direct sunlight, creating a productive and enjoyable space for your home office.

In addition, you could observe a colorful view through the window during your breaks. That may help you unwind and get back to work with renewed vigor.

3. Invest in Fresh Flowers

Summer is a fascinating time to make your home blossom. A vivid bouquet of cut flowers is quite affordable nowadays, and how pleasant it is to work from home, decorated with a bunch of greenery! Don’t blow off such a simple but effective trick. Once you spruce up your home office with floral decor, you will get a breath of fresh air.

Image by Nicole Saavedra on Unsplash

4. Make a Vacation Collage

Your favorite photos from a trip with your dearest and nearest are a tremendous motivation for work. Especially in the summertime, when all the friends are out of the town. It is recommended to decorate your home office with memorable printed pictures, let them inspire you!

5. Try to Work on the Porch

Many people underestimate such a wonderful place for working from home in summer. In fact, replacing your home office to the porch gives you an awesome opportunity to work outdoors, surrounded by nature. Occasionally, you may even lay in the sun to get the tan with no probs. But don’t overdo it!

6. Use Calm Color Base

Gray, beige or ivory colors are the most successful shades for a moderate office. They visually enlarge the space and reflect natural light from the windows. Seize bright colors for details like mood boards and stationery on the desk.

7. Light It Up

A few wax candles is a petite and incredibly outstanding accessory that may bring so much coziness and relaxation! Their gentle fragrance could help you get rest for a while and survive the stressful deadlines as a breeze.

To sum up, spending the summertime at home when working is not the worst idea. Especially if you dress up your home interior, adding saturated hints of the summer season.