We have wanted to check out Great Flats Nature Trail for some time, and we finally found a nice evening to go for a walk on the trail.

The trailhead is easy to find, and is near the ViaPort Rotterdam Mall.

There was plenty of parking available, with a paved parking lot.

There was a dog poop bag station, but no trail maps or information.  I wouldn’t mind, but we passed lots of numbered posts along the trail, which means there must be some kind of interpretive trail.

This trail is noticeably flat!  It starts out with a wide, grassy trail.

Based on the location, I wasn’t surprised to hear traffic during much of the hike.  I also noticed the sound of trains, and we saw some houses through the woods.

The trail branches off and meanders through wetlands on boardwalks.  The boardwalks were showing their age, but it didn’t seem like there were any unsafe portions.

We saw a deer off in the distance, and it was nice to see wildlife there.

We could see lots of movement in the water, although did not stop for too long to explore, as the mosquitos had come out for our evening hike.  I’m sure if you stop to observe, there will be plenty of frogs, fish, and other aquatic creatures.

The last part of the trail went through a wooded area.

There was a small section that was muddy on the entire trail, but it was obvious that there were some fresh pieces of cut wood that had been placed to walk on.  It was just a few steps and we were back to dry trail.

We did not see a single piece of garbage on the hike, which I find impressive.  Overall, it was nice to see that this area is being maintained.

I do recommend bringing bug spray, as this is a wetland area, so the mosquitoes were out!

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