There is nothing more comforting than being in control of your life. It gives immense opportunities for pacing your life in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. To stay updated about everything going around and organizing and to keep in sync with it, there is hardly anything better than the Google Calendar. The ubiquitous organizing tool helps to keep your headlight by preventing its overloading. You need not try to memorize most of your daily tasks and schedules or break your head while planning for the days ahead because it does it for you. The calendar will remind you about your tasks and engagements throughout the day to focus on more relevant jobs.

Besides reducing your information load, the calendar helps you in many more ways to ensure that you stay at the top of your game.  There are many others reason for you to start using this tool. 

Shareable calendar

Maintaining a smooth workflow is not enough to have close tabs on your own tasks and schedules and let others know it so that there is complete clarity about your engagements. You can share your calendar with your team members or clients that simplify things to a great extent. The information will help to ensure that you make optimal use of your time.  The calendar will help you know which team member is highly occupied and who is less busy that helps to assign tasks accordingly for maximum output.

Gmail integration

The calendar works in sync with Gmail, which allows posting of events from the mails into the calendar by tracking email messages that are worth noting. This is an incredibly useful feature that reduces the burden of manual posting of events unless required. The integration between the calendar and Gmail allows creating events right from your email. Whenever the system comes across dates and times in email messages, it notifies users who can thendirectly create events from the email.

Many calendars in one place

The Google Calendar is like an umbrella under which there are many other calendars. You can create separate calendars matching with your lifestyle by having a calendar for professional schedules, personal life, holidays, and so on. All these calendars integrate with the primary calendar while there is ample scope for customizing each calendar within the Master calendar. For example, you can have identifiable colors for each calendar that makes it easy to identify events by looking at the Master calendar instead of opening individual calendars. The one-point accessibility of all calendars is of great convenience to users.

By using the Google Calendar database that maintains all public calendars and holidays, you can create flawless schedules for meetings and other events by considering the holidays when many other people may not be available. This is especially helpful to note holidays across countries that enable better planning and scheduling for business trips, meetings, or events. By subscribing to the calendars of specific countries, you can smoothly integrate it with your calendar.