Have you ever planned to give your husband a surprise, but along the way, you realized it was difficult to come up with something that will be romantic and sweet? Few things really make them feel special than a very pleasant, romantic, and unique surprise. And a surprise would mean going the extra mile and something that is really unexpected. In any marriage, being romantic can sound like old fashioned, but it is a way of expressing your love to your partner. Here are some great ideas for a big surprise for your husband.

Get a Budget for What He Really Wants to Have

In any marriage, you both share in the budget and do the planning together as a couple. You can secretly set aside an amount from this and get him something that supports his hobbies or day to day activities. If you are on a tight budget, you can set aside an amount allotted for it, then when you have completed it, purchase it and give it to him and say that he is getting it because all his sacrifices are a blessing to you and your kids.

Give a Unique Gift That He Has Never Received from You 

This is quite challenging because you might have been giving him unique gifts already. There are new surprising things now that you did not even imagine it is possible to be a gift. When you are in California, you can find Manly Man Co., a company that has unique gift boxes and packages for your man. Who would have thought that you can also send flowers to your husband, and it will surprise him more because it’s the food he can munch while binge-watching his favorite sports or movie.

Plan for a Date That Will Involve His Interest

If you are planning for a date without the kids, say no to coffee dates or lunch dates. Instead, make it an extra special date with him where his interests are involved. If he is a fan of MMA and you see a big fight of his favorite MMA artist, make this a special day for him. Get two tickets to the fight and join him in watching it live. This will be very memorable for him.

Get Some of His Workload

This is one romantic way of expressing that you are always beside him and to be with him no matter what happens. Getting some of his tasks done or helping him out by joining him in a task that he needs to finish is one way of surprising him. Especially if these are tasks that he never thought that you can do alone or together.


In any marriage, they say it’s a give and take the relationship to become successful. But this time, you can just give without taking anything from your spouse in return. It makes your husband feel special and cherished. This would mean so much to him, allowing him to appreciate the connection that you are doing for both of you. This can even encourage your marriage to grow deeper in love and respect.